Results of Last Month’s (Sept 2023) Question

Q1: What have you done to feel rejuvenated since the pandemic has ended? (Select all that apply.)

Taking walks 54.55%
Exercising 43.18%
Listening to music 77.27%
Reading 72.73%
Connecting with family and friends 52.27%
Gardening 25.00%
Bike riding 11.36%
Dancing 11.36%
Cooking 31.82%
Taking regular breaks 31.82%
Eating healthy meals 38.64%
Getting appropriate amounts of sleep 47.73%
Practicing mindfulness 18.18%
Practicing yoga 13.64%
Saying ‘no’ more often 34.09%
Talking to a therapist 29.55%
Periodically taking mental health days off 36.36%
Traveling 27.27%
Learning something new 25.00%
Teaching something 6.82%
Volunteering 15.91%


getting bi-weekly therapeutic massages
Going to the movies
Going to performing arts (theater, ballet)
Singing in a choir again
Finally got back to drawing and painting after many years. Put more humor in my life-finding more reasons to laugh.
singing, acting, going to the gym
Playing Video Games
*Most people commented that the pandemic is not over.


Q2: Is there anything you plan to do this year that you did not do during the pandemic?

Acknowledge to myself that the pandemic was very hard to work through, and that it is ok to be tired and mentally overwhelmed by what happened and what I had to deal with physically and emotionally. I think acknowledging that it was extremely difficult and that getting through that time without stopping work and taking care of elderly and infirmed parents was a sign of how strong I am and that I have every right in the universe to feel the way I do. And that many people were just not nice, and that had a huge impact on me.
I would like everyone to keep wearing masks, getting tested, staying home if they have covid, providing proper filtration and ventilation in schools and hospitals, and rolling out free booster vaccines ASAP!
Travel to professional conference 

Returning to bike riding 

Take longer international travel

Be more socially engaged.
I’m hoping to walk more often. 

I am also trying to get better sleep habits by getting up and going to sleep the same time every night.

Retire! (I put off retiring during the pandemic, because of the shut-down which would have prevented many of my planned retirement activities) 

Also, more time for practicing (I’m a musician on the side) and learning new music 

Take day trips to area outdoor attractions like arboretums, botanical gardens and the like

More walking for exercise 

Attending a Dance weekend with my club.
My family plans to take an Alaskan cruise.
Hosting a holiday party at my house for all my library colleagues.
*Most people commented that the pandemic is not over.