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How to Lead When Everyone’s Mad at You

If you are in a position that requires you to make decisions regarding budgeting, hiring/firing, strategic directions – well, any decision that could affect others – you may have experienced the feeling of disappointing someone. Often, when you must make decisions —particularly difficult ones— not everyone will be happy. That comes with the territory. During these times, transparency is critical. How you make and communicate decisions matters. The author of this article suggests you show vulnerability. If you admit that Read the rest

Fear of Negative Evaluation

By Laurel Crawford, Sian Brannon, and Julie Leuzinger

The “fear of negative evaluation” (FNE), first coined in 1969, is a social anxiety construct that affects many workers. The creators of the scale to measure FNE defined the construct as “apprehension about others’ evaluations, distress over their negative evaluations, avoidance of evaluative situations, and the expectation that others would evaluate oneself negatively.” Individuals struggling with FNE do not necessarily believe they are performing poorly, just that they are afraid of having Read the rest

5 Ways to Prioritize (and Maintain) Diversity in Leadership

What percentage of your library staff in leadership roles are from non-white, diverse racial or ethnic backgrounds? What is your library doing to attract, retain and promote diverse candidates into leadership positions? How do you hold hiring managers accountable for helping to achieve an inclusive culture for diverse staff? Perhaps these questions do not seem important to you. However, calls for social justice, civil unrest activities across the country, and countless claims of harassment in the workplace are all indicators … Read the rest

Old Sexual Harassment Training Won’t Cut It Anymore

Based on events in the news over the past several years, more people —HR staff in particular— are thinking about and reviewing harassment policies. While remote work during the pandemic has deterred inappropriate behavior and provided a sense of safety, remote work has led to some people being vocal about sexually inappropriate interactions. Who or what is to blame? Technology has played a role in workers experiencing unwelcome behavior via video calls, text messages, email, and other online platforms. The Read the rest

To Succeed with Well-Being, Make Sure Everyone Feels Welcome

When the pandemic forced much of the world’s citizenry to work from home, work-life became more sedentary. When I left home to work before the pandemic, I walked twenty minutes each way to and from the train. I walked up and down the stairs (granted, it was only a couple of flights) to take breaks away from my desk.  I walked 10-15 minutes to get lunch most days. All these routines changed when I began working from home. Along with Read the rest

Key Mistakes Leaders are Making

What is the most important asset your library has? Is it the books and other materials you loan to patrons? Could it be the technology used to enhance your programs and services? How about your library staff? Over the last couple of decades, employers have tended to place a high value on investment in technology and innovation. However, the pandemic has caused many employers to view their assets in a different light. Employers may finally be starting to re-evaluate the … Read the rest

Stress Awareness Isn’t a Strategy — It’s Only a Start

There was a time when managers told employees to “leave their personal lives at the door” when they entered the workplace. We’ve come to realize how ridiculous this idea is. People don’t go to work with part of themselves. No matter how much we may try to compartmentalize our lives, it’s not realistic. If a parent is forced to go to work when she has a sick child at home, she will be worried about the child. She may feel … Read the rest

How to Help Support Your Employees’ Mental Health

“It’s okay to call in sick. It’s also okay to call in sad.”

May is Mental Health Awareness month. If you want your employees to be healthy, it’s important to remember that mental health is a part of their overall well-being. Mental health includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being —meaning it impacts multiple areas of life. It also affects how individuals feel, think, act, and relate to others.

Perhaps you feel that you don’t have time to deal with your … Read the rest

The Return-to-Work Dilemma

According to PwC’s US Remote Work Survey conducted earlier this year, employees want to return to the office more slowly than employers expect. Results indicate that by July 2021, 75% of executives anticipate that at least half of office employees will be working in the office. In comparison, 61% of employees expect to spend half their time in the office by July.

Libraries (those that closed or reduced hours) may face challenges from employees concerned about returning full time. After … Read the rest

Overwork Is Not a Strategy for Response to the Pandemic

Employees have been through more than a year of fatigue and trauma from the Pandemic. Workers are tired of being teachers, caregivers, cooks, housekeepers, and full-time employees. They are Zoomed out. Although we are not out of the pandemic woods just yet, now might be a good time to give people a break. Let them get some rest.

Last week, we celebrated National Library Workers Day. It was a day set aside to highlight the critical role library workers play … Read the rest