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Do You Have Any Questions for Us?: Preparing to Be Your Best in an Interview

You’re likely excited if your resume and credentials have moved to the top of the candidate pile and garnered the much-desired interview. What’s next? Preparation. You will want to put in the necessary time and effort to ace the interview. It goes without saying that you will research the library/organization. However, preparing for an interview requires more effort than simple basic research. This article offers more than thirty tips on the best ways to prepare for an interview. You’ll want Read the rest

Understanding the Role of Politics and Partnerships in Library Leadership

Are you hoping to advance into a leadership role within your library? If so, are you prepared to rub shoulders with politicians, members of the library board, the media, and those who have influence within your library community? You may have the knowledge and skills to perform your current job. However, that may not be enough to propel you into a leadership position. In addition to having advanced knowledge and abilities related to strategic planning and implementation of policies and Read the rest

Career Coaching, Mentoring, Resume Review and Career Guidance Workshops Available

If you plan to attend the ALA Annual Conference in San Diego this June, consider having a chat with a career coach. Recharge your career by meeting with a professional counselor who can guide you in strategizing for the next phase of your career, solving a problem in your current job situation, defining goals, getting unstuck and/or rejuvenating your career. Each one-on-one session is 20 minutes and completely confidential.

If you have never experienced career counseling, or just haven’t used Read the rest

I Feel Trapped in My Job – What Can I Do?

What do you do when you feel like you’re stuck in a job that you hate? You don’t really want to change jobs (that requires a lot of energy), but you know you need to do something different. What keeps you from moving on to a job that will meet your needs, pay you what you’re worth, and be a better fit? Perhaps you have small children and don’t think you will be able to find flexibility in another job Read the rest

Still Time to Register and Attend LibLearnX24 in Baltimore

Kickstart 2024 with collaborative and solution-driven professional development at LibLearnX24 in Baltimore, January 19 – 22, 2024! Explore the LibLearnX program and register with early rates! 

At LibLearnX, staff in all types of libraries and all career levels can take part in a conference experience that will provide ultimate learning benefits in hands-on workshops, bite-size sessions, and other formats designed to match your preferred learning styles. Listed below are a few sessions that we think might be interesting. 

Bite-Sized Improvements: Read the rest

Preparation is Key for Any Successful Job Search

We are in the final days of 2023. In just a matter of weeks, the new year will begin. It’s the time of year when people reflect on their lives, establish new goals, and make resolutions. Many people will decide to find a new job. If you are one of those (or know someone who is) preparation will be key. The job search process can be fraught with unknowns. However, some things are common knowledge. For instance, every job Read the rest

We Can’t Wait to See You in Baltimore at LibLearnX24!

Join your peers and colleagues at the 2024 LibLearnX: The Library Learning Experience, January 19-22, 2024 in Baltimore!

Participate in collaborative, top-quality education where you will discuss the topics that are important to library professionals in peer-to-peer conversations, be inspired by author speakers and thought-leaders on the LLX Studio stage, and attend fun social activities and award celebrations to celebrate your fellow librarians, favorite books, and authors.

LibLearnX is a must-attend learning experience designed for library professionals from all Read the rest

Explaining Non-Traditional Experience on Your Resume

One of the many hats I wear is that of a career facilitator. In this role, I used to get calls all the time from people wanting to work in libraries. People with varied backgrounds were (and still are) deciding to become librarians.  Many were entering the profession as a second or third career. For a number of reasons (burn out, searching for purposeful work, etc.), they all wanted to find work they would love. Some were willing to go Read the rest

How to Get Yourself Out of a Rut

Have you ever had a day when you just couldn’t seem to get moving? Perhaps you couldn’t stay focused. Have there been days when no matter what you tried, you just could not muster the energy to get anything accomplished? Most of us have experienced unproductive days. One awful day here or there is to be expected. It’s normal. However, when our unproductive days stretch into weeks or months, we may discover that we are in a rut. When you’re Read the rest

Start Planning Now for LibLearnX in Baltimore January 2024

LibLearnX is a must-attend learning experience designed for library workers from all library types at all career levels. You’re invited to join us at the upcoming 2024 LibLearnX: The Library Learning Experience, January 19–22, 2024 in Baltimore! 

LibLearnX offers you direct access to innovative solutions and cutting-edge insights into the challenges and opportunities faced in libraries. It also provides us the chance to reconnect, inspire, and celebrate each other and the work that we accomplish every day as librarians.Read the rest