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Ways to Relieve Stress this Summer

During a recent meeting I attended, the host asked participants to list their favorite summer-time activities in the chat for an ice-breaker. As you can imagine, there were plenty of ideas ─going to outdoor concerts, walking along the beach, bike-riding with friends, going to a drive-in movie (do any still exist?), visiting zoos, museums, amusement parks with the kiddies, etc. With school being out and weeks of vacation to use, summer provides the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with Read the rest

How to Spot and Resist Perfectionism

Striving for excellence is often seen as a strength of character. It can be an admirable quality in an employee as it usually means the individual has a good work ethic. However, if you tend to set the bar so high that you find it hard to achieve your goal or find yourself overwhelmed by the pressure (you place on yourself) to excel, you may be a perfectionist. This is not always a terrible thing. Perfectionists can be assets to Read the rest

Psychological Safety is Critical to Employees’ Well-Being

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. So we want to focus on improving mental health for employees through the provision of psychological safety. Psychological safety is the shared belief that employees can bring up problems, share ideas, take risks, and solicit honest feedback. Employees can speak up without fear of being punished, embarrassed, rejected or humiliated for sharing ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes. When there is psychological safety, employees can feel comfortable showing up fully and bringing their whole selves Read the rest

Combating Seasonal Allergens in Your Library

By Jackie Edwards

As spring rolls around, seasonal allergies can flare up among library workers, resulting in symptoms like sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, itchy eyes, ears, and nose, coughing, and asthma. Not only are these symptoms detrimental to well-being and productivity, but they can also mean you’re less able to provide excellent customer service to library users. Although seasonal allergies typically start in early February and persist through to summer in most parts of the United States, allergy season Read the rest

Mental Health Resources for Rural Residents

Rural Minds and the National Grange have launched their new Rural Mental Health Resilience Program. Recognizing the self-reliance and do-it-yourself mindset that are common among many people living in rural America, this program provides an easy-to-access online toolkit with mental health information and resources to help rural residents improve mental health in their communities. We encourage you to visit the program’s webpage and access program materials that are free to download and print.Read the rest

Why Outside Activities Can Be Essential for Employees’ Well-Being

With the recent movement of our clocks in most American states*, the days will be longer. The weather will be getting warmer, and more people will venture outside to experience the sunshine and nature. The start of spring often brings energy and enthusiasm for going outside to breathe in the fresh air and to participate in outdoor activities. Because Americans who work full-time spend nearly 8 hours a day at their worksite, employers are in a unique position to promote Read the rest

Try This 5-Finger Deep Breathing Tip to Reduce Stress

Are you living your best life? Are you happier than you’ve ever been before? Did the stress in your life magically disappear when the holidays were over? Chances are that most people responded with a resounding “No.” Stress didn’t automatically disappear because a new year began. We’ve all seen the word stress so much that we may tend to ignore it. But we can’t ignore the impact of stress on our daily lives. Most of us have experienced a sense Read the rest

Patron Trauma: Real-World Library Guidance

As a library worker, did you ever imagine that you might be expected to function as a social worker, a job search guru, a self-help expert, an instructor, or any other number of roles that today’s library workers are thrust into? Library workers are facing challenges that they are not necessarily equipped to manage. Whether you find yourself helping library patrons locate information regarding Medicare benefits, unemployment compensation, news on global crises, or witnessing a community member struggling with tough Read the rest

Staying Fit at Work: A Librarian’s Hacks to Healthy Eating

By Jackie Edwards

Contrary to popular belief, libraries are no longer a perfect picture of serenity, tranquility, and calmness, with library workers stacking books on shelves and shushing patrons who speak above a whisper. Libraries are bustling with activities for all age groups. At any given time, you’re likely to hear stories being read to preschoolers, see preteens playing video games, run into a group of seniors playing bingo, or smell popcorn as families gather to watch a movie. With … Read the rest

Practicing Gratitude Can Make a Difference

The holidays are now in the rearview mirror. Many of us can think of things we’re grateful for (time spent with family and friends, time not spent with family and friends, quiet times, times that we laughed as we shared memories, etc.). While it is nice to count our blessings during the holidays, practicing gratitude for the big and small things in life can benefit us year-round. January is a good time to start a practice of gratitude. This simplyRead the rest