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The Surprising Benefits of Microbreaks

The importance of taking short breaks throughout the workday can prove invaluable in increasing focus while helping to relieve stress. According to the author of this article, these short breaks, referred to as microbreaks, are also an effective way to manage energy levels.  During these breaks, you can do activities that are as simple as stretching, walking up and down the stairs, gazing out a window at nature, snacking, or having a five-minute mindful meditation.

Managers need to give … Read the rest

Five Simple Steps to Stay Healthy During Times of Stress

April is stress awareness month. Some of you might respond to this statement with the comment that every month (every day, really), you’re aware of stress. Many of us are in a state of chronic stress, wearing invisible capes as we try to be a superhuman day in and day out in the face of stressors. We are often left wondering when things will change, if things will ever get back to normal, if we will ever get back to … Read the rest

Free Health and Wellness Symposium

You are invited to attend BLOSSOM—a free virtual symposium focusing on library staff’s health and wellness. Hosted by the Network of National Library of Medicine, this free three-day virtual symposium, scheduled March 24 – 26, 2021, will bring together experts on morale, invisible services, vocational awe, burnout, and self-care in libraries. The symposium will provide library staff at all levels with key takeaways to improve library staff’s health and wellness. This event is open to all library staff Read the rest

Staying Focused, Even When We’re Not Feeling It

As I look out my office window (at home) today, the sun is shining brightly. It makes me dream of getting back outside and taking walks in warm weather and once again waving at the people in my community. I am feeling hopeful. There is news that the U.S. government will soon approve the third vaccine to fight the coronavirus. There is reason to start looking ahead. Perhaps we are at the beginning of the end of the pandemic. Right Read the rest

Why We Need to Create a Rest Ethic

When was the last time you planned and took time off from work? With the pandemic, and many people still working from home, it has been a struggle to separate work life from other aspects of our lives. We may even feel guilty for taking time off because, really, we’re just at home anyway. Let’s face it, most of us pride ourselves on having a great work ethic. We often fill our schedules with meetings and activities to keep ourselves Read the rest

Self-Care: More Important Than Ever

By Beatrice Calvin, MA, Counseling, CDF

It is a new year. 2020 is now behind us. Yet, because the coronavirus pandemic still rages on, some people may feel trapped in a time warp. They are tired. They are tired of being tired and anxious and overwhelmed. They are tired of working from home with kids, significant others, and pets. Others are tired of having to go to the library and worry about their safety. People are feeling stressed and stretched Read the rest

Managing Grief During the Holidays

Many people are experiencing grief during the COVID-19 pandemic. Grief is a normal response to a loss during or after a disaster or other traumatic event. Grief can happen in response to a loss of life, as well as to drastic changes to daily routines and ways of life that usually bring us comfort and a feeling of stability.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be unable to be with a loved one when they die or unable to Read the rest

Keeping Your Family Safe This Thanksgiving

If you live in the United States, you know that Thanksgiving is the unofficial start of many Americans’ holiday season. It can be a happy, festive time as well as a stressful one. People often travel hundreds of miles to spend time with family and friends. This year, of course, we face the prospect of deciding if we are going to adhere to our usual traditions or put things on hold. Most of us long for the days when we Read the rest

Six Ways to Stay Focused at Work

By Beatrice Calvin, MA, Counseling, CDF

With all that’s going on in the world today, it’s understandable that we are feeling more distracted than ever before. We have internal distractions (e.g., our thoughts and worries) and external ones (e.g., working at home with spouses, children, pets). These all add to the likelihood that our ability to concentrate on specific tasks and focus on work will be diminished. Even before the pandemic, people reported that they were experiencing difficulty concentrating at Read the rest

Small Ways Workplaces Are Prioritizing Employee Well-Being

We are all facing unprecedented times as the coronavirus continues to change how we live, connect with others, and provide services. The pandemic is stressful for many people on many levels. Mental health has become a significant concern for innumerable persons. In a Kaiser Family Foundation Tracking Poll conducted in mid-July, 53% of adults in the United States reported that their mental health had been negatively impacted due to worry and stress over the coronavirus. This number probably increases when Read the rest