Rejuvenation Now that the Pandemic is Over

On May 5 of this year, more than three years after COVID-19 was designated as a pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared an end to the global Public Health Emergency for COVID-19. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) declared the same for the United States, effective on May 11, 2023. During the pandemic, we saw an increase in the number of people struggling with mental health concerns. These have not all gone away just because the pandemic is over. However, many people are now cognizant of their mental health needs and are taking steps to address them. One thing that may be helping people to cope is reconnecting with those outside of their immediate households. We know that building healthy relationships with others helps to provide a support system and has a positive effect on our mental health. As social beings, we all need some level of social interaction with others ─ including introverts. People are also traveling now, engaging in more physical activities, and generally taking advantage of time off for self-care. It is important for us to maintain those self-care practices that were so critical during the pandemic.

Self-care and being aware of what refreshes us and gives us renewed energy is critical to our overall well-being. How are you staying refreshed and rejuvenated now that the pandemic is over? What have you done this year to feel inspired and motivated? What self-care measures have you taken this year that provide balance in your life? Please take our survey to let us know.