Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual workplace wellnessSpiritual Wellness

For many people, spiritual wellness includes religious participation and prayer, but it also encompasses all aspects of faith, values, beliefs, and morals, as well as activities like meditation, yoga, and affirmations.  People with good spiritual wellness make time for relaxation, make value-guided decisions, and connect with a personal sense of purpose. 

Spiritual Wellness Resources

4 Yoga Poses to Help Destress at Your Desk

10 Tips for Practicing Mindfulness in the Library

De-Stress at Your Desk – 13 Minute Desk Yoga Program

Recommended Reading

Spiritual Workplace Wellness book recommendation Mindfulness for Creativity: Adapt, Create, and Thrive in a Frantic World by Danny Penman (2015)

Penman’s book provides a four week program to help you develop and put into practice mindfulness techniques to enhance creativity, problem solving, and decision making.

slowdown The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down: How to Be Calm and Mindful in a Fast-Paced World by Haemin Sunim (2017)

This thoughtful book uses Buddhist teaching to discuss how to discover inner peace and balance despite the overwhelming demands of everyday life.

yogabodies Yoga Bodies: Real People, Real Stories, & the Power of Transformation by Lauren Lipton and Jaimie Baird (2017)

By combining instructions on yoga poses for all body types and real stories of yoga practitioners, this book demonstrates that yoga is for every body.

External Spiritual Wellness Resources

How to Meditate
A guide to discovering the power of meditation by understanding the basics of Buddhist meditation. Additional resources such as books and videos are recommended as well as meditation practices.

Mindfulness for Librarians Facebook Group
Connect with others seeking to become more mindful through this Facebook group. It also provides access to resources, opportunities, and inspiration specifically for adding mindfulness to your day at the library.

Free Audio Resources for Mindfulness Meditation
This collection includes free audio-guided meditation sessions, podcasts, and other audio resources to help you become an expert at mindful meditation.

Yoga with Adriene
This collection of free yoga videos spans from beginner to expert with routines ranging from 15 minutes to an hour. Whether you’re looking to increase your mindfulness, reconnect with your inner self, or even decrease your self-doubt, Adriene has a routine to help you succeed.