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Social workplace wellnessSocial Wellness

Communication, relationships, and community involvement. People with good social health interact with–and can relate to–a variety of people, have positive and meaningful relationships of all kinds, and create a support system of family and friends.

Social Wellness Resources

Social + Active at Work

Strategies for Maintaining Social Wellness

Recommended Reading

Emotional Workplace wellness book Crash Course in Dealing with Difficult Library Customers by Shelley E. Mosley, Dennis C. Tucker, and Sandra Van Winkle (2014)

The authors of Crash Course in Dealing with Difficult Library Customers provide strategies for managing stressful situations with problem-causing individuals.

dysfunctional libraries The dysfunctional library: challenges and solutions to workplace relationships by Jo Henry, Joe Eshleman, and Richard Moniz (2018)

By examining negative relationship-based issues, the authors provide practical advice on how to deal with negative behaviors and incivility.

Stoltz_CVR.indd Transform and thrive: ideas to invigorate your library and your community by Dorothy Stoltz (2018)

This book uses a handful of principles to help guide libraries towards opportunities to thrive in their communities.

External Social Wellness Resources

National Institutes of Health Social Wellness Toolkit

This toolkit includes resources to help manage and build social wellness at work and at home. It addresses the hardships of acting as a caregiver, the importance of building healthy relationships, and several more, providing checklists and ideas of how to build social wellness for each situation.

Dimensions of Wellness: Social Wellness

This brief overview of social wellness includes a self-assessment as well as tips on how to become more aware of the quality of your social wellness.