Every Day Tools to Help Achieve Your Financial Goals

Organizing your finances can be complex and intimidating, but budgeting your money is the best way to reach financial security. A budget can help you set and reach financial goals, whether that be paying off your debt, creating a financial safety net for emergencies, or saving for a vacation. Utilize these free tools to help create the best budget for you.

Your Money, Your Goals Toolkit – English / Spanish

This 338 page document from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is meant to help teach financial empowerment. It discusses how emotions, personal values, and cultural influences can affect our financial choices. It also has modules with real-life scenarios addressing setting financial goals, saving for emergencies, creating a budget, and much more.

Your Money, Your Goals: Focus on People with Disabilities

This companion guide addresses additional information and provides more tools to address the needs of people with disabilities.

Your Money, Your Goals: Focus on Native Communities

This additional guide adds additional context and specific tools directed for the needs of native communities.

Debt Payment Calculator (Requires Flash)

Determine the best monthly payments for any debt you may be carrying with this easy to use calculator. It allows you to adjust interest rates and monthly payments so you can see how long it will take to pay off the debt and the final dollar amount of all your payments.

Cost of Raising a Child Calculator

This tool can help you budget better by understanding how much it may cost annually to raise a child. While this tool is based on a 2015 report, it can give you an idea of how much to account for overall expenses.

Make a Budget Worksheet

This simple worksheet looks at your monthly income and expenses in a easy-to-comprehend way to help you determine how to better manage your finances.

My New Money Goal Worksheet

This four page worksheet guides you down the path of mapping out your financials. It addresses setting financial goals along with tracking your income and expenses so you can see clearly where your money is currently going.

Consumer Tips for Managing Spending Worksheet

This short worksheet will help you determine your spending challenges and walk you through the steps of addressing them.

My Spending Rule to Live By Worksheet

Use this worksheet to determine how much you should be spending each month on needs, savings and debts, and wants.

Saving Fitness Worksheets

These six worksheets can help you manage your financial life from setting goals to planning for retirement. 

Balance Sheet to Calculate Net Worth (Part of the Saving Fitness Worksheets)

Look at your assets all in one place by using this worksheet to determine your net worth.

Retirement Savings Calculator (Part of the Saving Fitness Worksheets)

This simple calculator will help you determine how much you should be setting aside for retirement.