Volume 9, No. 7 • July 2012



Career Advancement

  • Don’t Go There: How engaging in speculation, gossip and negativity affects your work ethic

    By Diane Strzelecki

    Forget the fat-laden birthday donuts loitering in the break room or the fun-size candies lurking on your coworker’s desk. Throughout my working life I’ve discovered hazards exponentially more detrimental to your emotional and professional health: gossip, speculation and hypercriticism. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newbie in the library world, there’s plenty of examples of such indulgence – and plenty of reasons to resist.

    Resisting the big “What If”

    You’d have to be living under a … Read the rest

  • The Ten Commandments of the New Professional

    By Natalie Baur

    Library school diploma straight off the press, check. Applications and cover letters sent out to dream jobs, check. Weeks (and weeks) of waiting, phone interviews and on-site interviews, check. An accepted job offer and start date, check! For many new librarians, the long, angst-filled path from graduation to job offer is a journey that consumes every last ounce of attention, making it all too easy to forget that a career is indeed waiting for them after getting … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • New Family and Medical Leave Guide Available

    A new Employee Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act recently developed by the Wage and Hour Division (WHD) of the U.S. Department of Labor was rolled out June 27 in a webinar hosted by WHD Deputy Administrator Nancy Leppink. The high-demand webinar attracted nearly 8,000 registrants submitting more than 2,000 online comments and questions during the session. A team of FMLA experts from the department responded live to comments and questions from a web chat room setup for … Read the rest

  • New Rules for Retirement Savings

    Studies show that when it comes to having sufficient retirement savings, women are less prepared than men when they leave the workforce. On a recent visit to Chicago, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Employee Benefits Security Phyllis C. Borzi spoke to local women business leaders about women, retirement and steps the department has taken to increase savings for individuals in 401(k)-type retirement plans. She explained that two new rules that go into effect this summer will increase the transparency of … Read the rest


Support Staff


  • Relax, It’s Summer—No [Dis]Stress Allowed

    By Beatrice Calvin

    Summer is here! Step outside or look at the thermometer reading well above 90⁰ and you’ll know this is true. Summer should be a time to slow down, relax and have fun. I know you’re saying to yourself, ‘I’d love to relax. But my bills aren’t slowing down; my kids are driving me crazy; family is coming to visit.’ All of the things that make you feel stressed don’t slow down—they don’t allow you to relax.

    Understand … Read the rest

  • Balancing Work and Your Personal Life

    By Gina Martinez

    I have one rule when I get home: as soon as I leave the workplace, I leave everything from work at work. Walking through the front door, I will not speak about work, worry about work or do anything related to work. Greeting my significant other always brings a warm smile from ear-to-ear. Sure, I will mention how good my workday went when asked, but the bad things I dismiss as a small thing, and I will … Read the rest

HR Law

LW Tip

  • Social Media Quick Tips

    Editor’s Note: The following article is an excerpt of Kim Becnel’s ‘To Friend Or Not To Friend: The Facebook Question’ published in Library Management: Tips That Work, by ALA Editions. The publication is edited by Carol Smallwood and part of the ALA Guides for the Busy Librarian Series.

    1. Do not send Friend requests to people you supervise. You may put them in an awkward position. Wait for them to ask you.
    2. When you accept a Friend request from an
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