Volume 9, No. 5 • May 2012


  • Integrate Social Media into Your Federal Library Job Search

    By Tiffany Jane Brand 

    Social media tools such as Twitter can enhance your job search in several different ways: they allow you to research specific federal departments, keep abreast of trends in government jobs, allow you to market your resume and participate virtually in conferences as part of your professional development. This article covers how to search for jobs on Twitter, integrate twitter with your other social media accounts, market yourself to prospective employers and manage your online identity.

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  • Surviving a Master’s Degree: Mastering the School/Life/Work Balance

    By Deborah Tritt, M.L.I.S., M.S.I.T.

    The decision to pursue a master’s degree can be a difficult one. Whether it is your first master’s degree in library science or your second master’s degree, there are inherent challenges in balancing all of life’s priorities. A master’s degree can provide an opportunity to achieve professional advancement, personal achievement and even the realization of a life-long passion. Though beneficial, obtaining a master’s degree while working as a library professional further complicates our efforts for … Read the rest

  • Wellness Through Reflection: Recalling the Past and Envisioning the Future

    By Loriene Roy

    Humans react to growth in many ways. Some welcome change and uncertainty. Others feel overwhelmed, isolated, and passed-by. Yet change often promotes growth. We library and information specialists can use the many changes before us to grow professionally and personally. One of the most intimate and rewarding paths to inner development is life term review, a process that begins with personal reflection that can be extended to a communal search for meaning in our careers. As such, … Read the rest

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