Volume 9, No. 2 • February 2012


  • The Embedded Library Grad Student

    By Paula Massadas Pereira 

    There are excellent reasons to actively engage with librarianship while still a graduate student. First, librarianship is fiercely competitive. A Master’s in Library Science does not guarantee that you will be seen for a librarian position, and an internship or professional association might go a long way toward landing you a coveted interview. Secondly, the day-to-day life of a librarian can be vastly different from what a graduate student might imagine. It is better to put … Read the rest



HR Practice

  • Ten Ways to Manage Employee Conflict

    Disputes between employees are inevitable. But if left unresolved, they can disrupt your department’s productivity, sap morale and even lead good employees to quit.
    Business Management Daily offers an excellent primer for managing employee conflict, as well as generally improving office communication, the workplace environment and team productivity.
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  • Last Year Before Retirement (or, Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Retired)

    By Ted Kruse

    The last year of employment before retirement offers two challenges: preparing to exit a position and preparing for a new phase of personal life. 

    Before exiting a position:

    1. Document your duties. Most librarians work in small operations. There are often many tasks ranging from buying staff birthday cards to final budget approvals that are handled by one person because of interests, abilities, custom or just inertia. Start recording “you’re the only one” tasks in a file.
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  • How to Handle Chaos at the Children’s Reference Desk

    By Gina Martinez

    Editor’s note: This article is part of LW’s series “No One Ever Told Me My Job Would Include…” which highlights the unexpected challenges and pleasures faced by new librarians.

    Once I graduated from my Library and Information Science program, I became an extra help librarian fairly quickly and received training at the reference desk for a couple of days. Just like learning how to swim, I was thrown onto the children’s reference desk for my first day … Read the rest


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