Volume 8, No. 7 • July 2011


  • Oops, Didn’t Mean to Send That: Essential Email Etiquette in the Library Workplace

    Book review of
    David Shipley and Will Schwalbe’s Send: The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home. NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 2007.

    Email is a crucial productivity tool, but we have all had an “oops” moment when we wish email had never been invented. Common email mistakes include forgetting to attach a document, sending a blank message or saying something you wish you hadn’t.

    Breaches of communication etiquette can have personal and professional consequences. For … Read the rest


  • Layoffs, library closure part of ideas to close Merced County budget gap

    In response to a $20 million county budget deficit, the Merced County Library’s Winton branch may close its doors. County head librarian Jacqueline Meriam’s proposal to close the library was in part prompted by a rent increase for the Winton branch building that her department cannot fund. The library offers many services, include English classes, to Winton’s Latino majority, and the library is one of the few county buildings that … Read the rest

  • Albuquerque’s Fuel Wager Is a Good Bet

    Goldman Sachs has guaranteed the city of Albuquerque a wholesale price of $2.80/gallon of gasoline. Every three months the city will show its fuel expenses to Goldman Sachs; if the average price is higher than $2.80/gallon, Goldman Sachs pays the city the difference, and if the price is lower, the city reimburses Goldman Sachs. The city hopes to save up to $2 million, and if it achieves this goal, $234,000 will be used … Read the rest

  • Dalton library cutting its hours

    As a result of state and county budget cuts, Georgia’s Dalton-Whitfield Public Library will close on Mondays. Other responses to the cuts include cutting 40 percent of its staff. The library is also furloughing positions and freezing vacancies.… Read the rest


  • Refresh, Recharge, Redirect: Library Director Kate McCaffrey on CPLA

    Seasoned library administrators may question the need to go back to school. Why would someone with significant administrative experience need to learn what they’ve been doing for years? For Kate McCaffrey, long-time library administrator and current Director of the Northern Onondaga Public Library system, the answer to this question is simple: renewal. Having received her MLS when technology was just beginning to shape the library and tweeting was still for the birds, McCaffrey knew she could benefit … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Make Shackleton’s Way Your Way

    Book review of Margot Morell and Stephanie Capparell’s Shackleton’s Way: Leadership Lessons From the Great Antarctic Explorer. N.Y.: Viking, 2001.

    On difficult days, I remind myself that I am not a doctor or a police officer; nobody’s life depends on my work; relax. (An important note: I don’t work in a medical or legal library. A colleague who worked at the AIDS Library, on the other hand, was once asked over the phone how to clean … Read the rest

Support Staff

  • New Supervisor for Student Workers

    With shortages of professional and para-professional staff, student workers have become a mainstay in academic libraries. With this unique group of library workers comes unique managerial challenges. Whereas previous generations of student workers desired to work to gain experience for future careers, today’s student workers are more likely to feel entitled. What can and should be done? In the past, I indirectly supervised student workers through their immediate supervisor. I thought I would know … Read the rest


  • Why I Love the Library Profession

    I am a faculty member at the Library and Information Science department, but I also have been working independently as a volunteer librarian since my graduation in 1986. I love helping friends, neighbors, colleagues and students in their assignments, research papers and theses. I also enjoy teaching them to best utilize the library’s print and online resources.

    Why do I love librarianship?

    • The library profession is rewarding. When I see users happy after solving their
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