Volume 8, No. 6 • June 2011


  • I Miss the Money but Not My Pager: Two Librarians’ Journeys from Corporate to Academic

    Elizabeth Bollinger and Kelly Sattler left respective corporate careers to pursue work in academic libraries, and we met in our work at the same Big Ten university. Elizabeth had worked in the library for three years before Kelly joined the department. Kindred spirits and shared experiences led to conversations of how to successfully shift from corporate to academic.

    Corporate and academic librarians may have some common duties, but the corporate world and academia have … Read the rest


  • ALA-APA Director Jenifer Grady to Leave ALA

    Effective July 1, 2011, Jenifer Grady, Director, ALA-APA, will be leaving ALA to move to Nashville (TN). Jenifer began her directorship of the ALA-APA (ALA-Allied Professional Association) on December 22, 2003, taking on the significant challenge of guiding a start-up organization, with no additional staff. During her time as director, she has helped refine the focus of the APA and create a sustainable organization. She has supervised the implementation of the Certified Public Library Administrator certification and worked with ALA … Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • ALA-APA Programs, 2011 Annual

    ALA-APA is proud to offer several programs and workshops at the 2011 Annual ALA Conference, held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Explore the links below to learn more. The content of several of these programs will be summarized in upcoming issues of Library Worklife.
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  • Approaches to Continuing Education

    A library school cannot teach everything a librarian needs to know for a specific job or position. And even if it could, rapid changes in the nature of librarianship require librarians to keep abreast of new developments and new opportunities. Continuing education can meet this need.

    Continuing education, a learning process for increasing or enhancing knowledge, skills or attitudes, benefits employees and helps them meet personal goals. According to William Asp (1985), successful continuing education

    1. includes “learning
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HR Practice

  • Confessions of a Director

    In 2010, I attended a session at the Public Library Association (PLA) conference titled “Confessions of a New Library Director.” I was attracted to this session because of the title (hmm . . . what “confessions” would a library director make?) and because I had just become a director myself. It’s been two years since I assumed directorship of a small library in a fast-growing community, and I now have my own confessions.

    First, I confess … Read the rest


  • The Side Gig: Music to My Ears and Money In (and Out of) My Pocket

    A decade ago, my personal life was a mess. I had been living and working in Florida, but my roots, my friends and my family were all in Illinois. My sister and peach of a brother-in-law invited me and three daughters to move back to Illinois and live in their home while I sorted things out. I began looking for a new job, and within a few months I secured a job as a public library director … Read the rest