Volume 8, No. 1 • January 2011


  • It’s Been A Hard Day’s Search: Unemployment Frustrations

    When I graduated with my Masters in Library and Information Science on May 8, 2010, I assumed that within a few months I would be seeking out information for library patrons. Yet my current research specialty is seeking library employment postings.

    My Library Science education informed me of all of the most popular librarian job banks, such as ALA JobLIST, libgig.com and each state’s library association website. After hours of jumping from one site to another, … Read the rest


Career Advancement


  • Preparing for the Future: Interview with Barb Brattin, Certified Public Library Administrator Program Graduate

    While many library administrators are struggling to find funding to maintain basic services, Barb Brattin is enjoying a rarity: a high per capita spending budget. As the director of Wilkinson Public Library in Telluride, Colorado, a small, well-funded ski resort town, Brattin has the freedom to explore new ways to engage her community and advance the library.

    But even bounty presents challenges. Faced with need to best utilize the budget by serving her highly affluent patrons in … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Going Postal in the Library: Anger Management in the Library Workplace

    Since 1986, there have been seven major incidents of violence involving postal workers in postal facilities. This violence has resulted in over 35 deaths and a new expression: “going postal” is now shorthand for explosive anger in the workplace. In a recent Gallup poll, at least 20 percent of the respondents reported that they been angry enough to want to hurt a co-worker within the previous six months (“Managing and Coping,” 2005). And workplace violence has … Read the rest