Volume 7, No. 5 • May 2010



  • Adult Learning: When Miracles Happen

    Something miraculous happens when adults commit themselves to learning. We become excited. We become engaged. And change occurs.

    This, of course, raises an enormous question: how do we learn?

    I believe it begins at the point of need; continues with desire and a sense of commitment; benefits from the support and encouragement of great trainer-teacher-learners and fellow students; and becomes effective in workplaces and other settings where what is learn can actually be applied.

    Learning from a

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  • Governor Proposes 74% Cut to NJ Library Services

    New Jersey librarians have organized protests against proposed budget cuts for New Jersey library services. The summary below, also available on the Save My NJ Library web site, describes the effects of the cuts, proposed by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

    Summary of Crisis

    Gov. Christie’s budget calls for a 74% decrease in funding for statewide library services. This cut includes the elimination of all statewide library programs and services. This will affect all types of libraries in New Jersey. … Read the rest

  • L.A. book lovers to protest city library budget cuts

    Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has proposed a budget that would eliminate 100 jobs and reduce branch library hours from six days a week to five.

    The plan would shrink library operating costs to about $58 million, down from $68.4 million this year and $75.8 million the previous year. The cuts are part of an attempt to close Los Angeles’ $485-million deficit.

    Previous cuts to the library system’s budget resulted … Read the rest

  • Libraries Warn of More Closing:

    Bloomberg Proposes Cutting 740 Jobs; City Systems See Greater Losses for Branches, Operating Hours

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed budget may result in New York City libraries losing as many as 1,400 jobs, as well as dozens of branch closures and many service reductions.

    Under the plan, the five boroughs’ library subsidies would decrease by 11.3 percent, or $31.2 million, and the system would certainly lose 740 … Read the rest


  • Certified Public Library Administrator Program graduates six, Adds five candidates

    CHICAGO—The Certified Public Library Administrator Program (CPLA) Certification Review Committee (CRC) granted certification to six CPLA® candidates who are now officially Certified Public Library Administrators. In addition, the committee approved five new candidates in its spring review. CPLA® now has 18 graduates and 132 candidates representing public libraries of all sizes across the nation.

    The Certified Public Library Administrator program is a voluntary post-MLS certification program for public librarians with three years or more of supervisory experience and ALA-accredited master’s … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Ten Things You Never Learned In Library School:

    Tips for the New Library Manager

    Most supervising librarians would agree that successful management requires more than an LIS degree, but many new LIS graduates enter supervisory positions with no prior management experience. And it is often easier to fill in the gaps of one’s technical education than it is to learn how to realize the organization’s objectives by directing a direct report’s efforts.

    The challenges of managing in such an environment can be … Read the rest


  • Tweets Sweet Resource for Real Time Job Searches

    At Greenlightjobs.com, guest poster Ryon Harms discusses the best web sites and tools to utilize Twitter’s job-hunt potential through real time searching.

    Like Facebook’s newsfeed, Twitter’s real time search provides information as it is produced. The process resembles instant messaging than it is does traditional web searches conducted through browsers. Harms notes that real-time job searches allow “instant access to employers, recruiters and executives the moment they mention a job or talk about a need you … Read the rest



Support Staff


  • National Library Workers Day: How Did Your Library Celebrate?

    Thank you for dedicating time, money, resources and thoughtfulness to celebrating National Library Workers Day! This year ALA-APA received 686 Stars submissions. In addition, we received several comments on the NLWD Facebook page describing ways that libraries around the nation celebrated employee contributions. Below we profile the ways libraries chose to make merry (it usually involved baked goods!). Whether NLWD is a time-honored tradition at your library (this is the seventh celebration year), or whether you … Read the rest

HR Law

  • Appeals Court Rules Redefines “Supervisor”

    On April 1, a South Carolina appeals court ruled that an employee may be considered a supervisor even if that employee lacks the “authority to fire, promote or demote, or otherwise make decisions that had an economic effect on” other employees. The ruling follows a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by Clara Whitten against her former employer Fred’s, Incorporated; according to the ruling, an employee is a “supervisor” if s/he controls the schedule of, and has the authority … Read the rest

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