Volume 7, No. 11 • November 2010


  • Hiring People with Disabilities: It Works for the Library!

    October was the National Disabilities Employment Awareness Month. Before the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990, people with a disability found it difficult to secure employment. The ADA now regulates what employers can do when there is a person with a disability in the applicant pool. The ADA requires that employers must consider a “qualified individual with a disability …who meets legitimate skill, experience, education or other requirements of an employment position … Read the rest


  • Bellingham library expects to launch a foundation next year to diversify funding

    Bellingham Public Library could launch its own foundation by mid-2011 in keeping with what other libraries are doing, said Pam Kiesner, its director.

    The idea of a foundation isn’t surprising to Bellingham Public Library officials. Its board of trustees decided a few months ago to form a foundation, but was slower getting to it than expected because of cutbacks in the library’s budget as a result of the city’s ongoing … Read the rest

  • Rye library board president calls potential budget cut ‘devastating’

    The Rye Free Reading Room would have to close two days a week, chop its collection spending in half and eliminate many children’s programs if the city slashes funding by $190,000 next year, library leaders told the City Council last week.

    And dramatic increases in employee health and retirement costs next year are expected to hit the budget hard, officials said. To save money, they have implemented … Read the rest

Career Advancement


  • Last Night I Dreamed I Was Driving a Bookmobile

    Last night I dreamed I was driving a bookmobile.

    I’ve yet to parse the Freudian implications, but in the dream I was in full charge of that big boy – a hefty white truck filled with books, a few helpers and a really comfy and modern seating area. Furthermore, the Dreamland Library System had thoughtfully installed a conveyor belt in the parking garage that automatically parked the vehicle. All I had to do was align the truck’s … Read the rest


  • Salary Survey: 2010 Librarian Pay Up 3 Percent Despite Economic Woes

    How can the American Library Association (ALA) and ALA-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) report that librarian salaries rose three percent in 2010 when librarians are losing jobs; salaries are stagnant; hours are being cut; and new librarians are struggling to find positions? Despite the conditions faced by some individual librarians and libraries in 2010, the aggregate of 11,554 salaries reported by directors and human resources (HR) staff from public and academic libraries calculated to a mean librarian salary … Read the rest


  • The Dreadful “But”

    When we speak the word “but,” we negate the statement that goes before that “but” and set up an argumentative style. When we write the word “but,” the same holds true. Try to eliminate the “but” from your language. Spoken and written. All the time. It’s more difficult than you think AND it will change the way you think.

    Consider the person who says, “I like her as a friend, but . . . .” You know … Read the rest