Volume 7, No. 10 • October 2010



  • Library Board: Cuts aren’t for us

    While all other city departments are being told to cut their budgets 5 percent, Evanston’s Library Board Monday night demanded an 11 percent spending increase.

    The board voted to restore service at the north and south branch libraries from four days a week to five and made no cuts in staffing, except to convert a full-time job that’s been vacant for two years to a part-time position.

    The vote on … Read the rest

  • Library faces cuts: Mayor proposes $300K trim in Mead budget

    For the second year in a row, the Mead Public Library could see reduced services and staff, as well as disqualify it for participation in the library system that allows it to share materials and services with other libraries in the region.

    Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan last week proposed cutting $300,000, or 11 percent, from the $2,635,988 the Mead Public Library got last year. If Ryan’s budget is passed, three … Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • Web Resources and Advice to Library Employees Facing a Layoff

    It’s hardly news to library professionals that many state and local governments are laying off library employees in the face of massive budget deficits. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects “favorable” employment prospects for librarians (2010), but economic recovery is proving slow. Sadly, many more public, school and academic library employees may be laid off next year. So how does one prepare for a layoff? As library professionals, we love having a wealth of resources, so below … Read the rest


  • The Peer Perspective: Interview with Nancy Levin, Director of Cleveland Heights-University Heights Libraries

    Under this issue’s Spotlight, Library Worklife features an interview with CPLA graduate Catherine Hakala-Ausperk. We turn now to Nancy Levin, Director of Heights Library and Hakala-Ausperk’s immediate supervisor. Levin shares her own impressions of the CPLA program, which she formed during Hakala-Ausperk’s CPLA studies.

    LW: What are your impressions of Catherine’s involvement in the CPLA program?
    NL: We benefitted from a number of activities that she created for homework. Specifically, we are using is a new way … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Library Management and Its Impact on Dysfunctional Staff

    Evil reigns when good men fail to act.
    – Edmund Burke

    Library literature abounds with advice on handling the difficult library patron (Willis, 1999; Sarkodie-Mensah, 2002; Schott, 2009). Holt and Holt (2005) even recommend retaining counsel and using legal language when writing policies to control patron behavior. And yet, customers may account for fifteen minutes of unpleasantness on an irregular basis; a dysfunctional employee, by contrast, may be an eight hour daily nightmare.

    Yet … Read the rest


  • AAMLA Recruits, Retains and Advocates for African American Male Librarians

    According to Diverse Issues in Education, African American male librarians represent less than .05 percent of all professional librarians (Rogers, 2008). This percentage accounts for approximately 572 librarians nationwide. A recent study published by librarian and scholar Kaetrena Davis-Kendrick indicates that the percentage of African American male librarians among African American librarians is still less than 10 percent (Davis-Kendrick, 2009). With such sparse representation, it is imperative that a formal network for African American male librarians be … Read the rest


  • Wage Gap Remains Static

    Census statistics released September 16, 2010, show that the women still earn 77 percent of what men earn, based on the median earnings of full-time, year-round workers in 2009. Both men’s and women’s earnings showed slight increases from 2008 to 2009, with men’s at $47,127 and women’s at $36,278, a difference of $10,849.

    Median earnings for most women of color are even lower. In 2009, the earnings of African American were $31,824, 67.5 percent of all men’s earnings (a slight … Read the rest