Volume 6, No. 8 • August 2009



  • Business Ethics for Libraries: A Matter of Honesty

    Back in ancient times, when vinyl records and eight-track tapes were the way to own a music collection, a library director where I interned required that all record albums received were to be routed to his office for review before they were to be cataloged. Later, we all noticed that the number of record albums coming out of Cataloging seemed like a trickle compared to years past. When the director invited everyone to his home for a … Read the rest


  • Oakwood library seeking November levy; Proposals won’t restore ’08 funding level, but cut in hours may be avoided

    As a result of decreasing state funding, the Wright Memorial Public Library Board of Trustees will ask the Oakwood City school board for a levy.

    The Trustees are currently debating whether they should ask for $500,000 or $750,000—but neither will restore the budget to its 2008 level.

    Library Director Ann Snively notes that “if the (library) board decides on the ($750,000 levy amount), we can find a way … Read the rest

  • Santa Rosa budget woes spur deputy layoffs

    A $3 million cut in Santa Rosa’s (FL) operating expenses would result in eliminating library positions and hours.

    Eliminations include one full-time library assistant and all nine 15 hour/week student positions; in addition, other library staff would face reduced work hours. As a result, all five county library branches will cut their hours of operation. According to Joy Tsubooka, Santa Rosa’s public information officer, the new hours have not been … Read the rest

  • Westmoreland school libraries disquieted by financial squeeze

    A budget increase of nearly a quarter of a million dollars is always good news, particularly in these dire economic times. But the $217,000 allotted by Hempfield Area school directors to the district’s library was earmarked only for collections, with none to restore a librarian position eliminated from last year’s budget.

    Darla Kline, the librarian at Harrold Middle School and chair of the district’s library department, notes that “it’s been many … Read the rest


HR Practice

  • Guide to Serving as an Interim Director

    As an interim director you will face extraordinary challenges and opportunities. You will be asked to display the leadership skills of a director, as well as the flexibility, resourcefulness and humility of a temporary employee. Whether you intend on utilizing the interim experience as a stepping stone into permanent director position, or as an opportunity to evaluate your feelings about returning to your current position, the advice below can help you make a positive contribution to the … Read the rest


  • Online Degrees: Not Just a Thing of the Future

    When I was in the fourth grade, a teacher asked the class, “Do you think it might ever be possible to go to school and not have a person be the teacher?” The question was posed to get us students thinking about the future when a robot might be able to think and talk like a human. Having watched my fair share of The Jetsons cartoon, I could easily accept a “Rosie” (the Jestons’ housemaid robot) … Read the rest


  • New Report Highlights Recession Trends Among Female, Unionized, Hourly, Non-Profit Employees

    A recent report by the Families and Work Institute, The Impact of the Recession on Employers, addresses many issues affecting libraries. The report’s authors, Ellen Galinsky and James T. Bond, surveyed a random sample of U.S. employers with 50 or more employees in May of 2009. The report addresses such subjects as workplace flexibility during the recession; how cost-reducing strategies vary in relation to proportion of female, unionized, and hourly employees; how cost-reducing strategies vary in relation to nonprofit … Read the rest


  • Balancing Work and Family in the Recession: How Employees and Employers are Coping

    Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney, Chair of the Joint Economic Committee (JEC) convened a hearing to examine the current recession’s impact on recent trends in workplace policies that help employees meet the dual commitments of work and family life. The hearing entitled “Balancing Work and Family in the Recession: How Employees and Employers are Coping,” took place on Thursday July 23, at 10 a.m. in Room 210 of the Cannon House Office Building. Leading researchers examined the effects of the recession … Read the rest

  • Ways to Improve Learning Spaces with Tracking Sensors

    How well does the “library as place” support learning?

    It is important for a library building’s design to allow natural flow and movement. A building cannot function optimally when its design creates bottlenecks in the flow of traffic. To prevent bottlenecks and other inefficiencies that strain the physical and mental resources of patrons, employees and the building itself, it is necessary to understand space use and the issues that create dysfunction within a space. Believe me, patrons … Read the rest

HR Law

  • House Passes Spending Bill with Increased Funds for Libraries

    July 27, 2009

    The American Library Association (ALA) Washington Office expresses its gratitude to the House of Representatives for passing H.R. 3293 (the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education appropriations bill) Friday, July 24, and including an increase in funding for the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) Grants to State Library Agencies program.

    The program was allocated $172,561,000, approximately $1 million over the FY 2009 level.

    This slight increase is evidence the House recognizes the need to invest … Read the rest

LW Tip

  • LW Tip

    NPR librarians blog on As A Matter of Fact, a blog by and for the audio-loving, fact-finding, truth-seeking, pop-culture-fiending, news-addicted librarians of the world.… Read the rest