Volume 6, No. 7 • July 2009



  • Facebook Etiquette—What Should You Do When Your Boss Sends You A “Friend” Request on Facebook?

    Many of my library colleagues are asking: what is the netiquette in dealing with unsolicited invitations, especially when they come from a boss or supervisor on Facebook? Should the invitation be rejected, or should you just pretend you never saw the request? The ramifications of accepting or rejecting online invitations from your boss could be any of the following: a) if you accept, you may run the risk of sharing … Read the rest


  • Library Restores Hours, 3 Jobs; State Aid Figures Beat Expectations

    A petition to restore the $150,000 cut from the Haverhill Public Library’s fiscal 2010 budget resulted in $65,000 being returned. This restoration will allow the library to rehire three to four of the six employees laid off in June.

    Of the $65,000, $15,500 was proposed by Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini. A fund left to the city for library use provided another $9,800, and the remaining funds were provided by … Read the rest

  • GRRL may restructure staff

    Loss of state aid cuts county funding

    The number of Great River Regional Library branch library managers may be reduced by one half, a result of a recent loss in Minnesota state aid. The laid off employees would be encouraged to apply for positions of similar responsibility but with lower status and salaries.

    Diane Vosen, GRRL’s coordinator for communications and fund development, said library officials believe some duties currently performed … Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • Fostering Lifelong Learning: Successful Staff Development Programs

    Many library employees spend a good part of their day thinking about the best way to educate patrons about the library’s services and resources. However, patrons are not the only ones with educational needs; librarians and support staff alike require access to continuing education opportunities. Such opportunities not only enhance staff’s interactions with patrons but also help the staff grow professionally.

    The reasons for a staff development program are numerous and may include informing employees about changes … Read the rest

  • New ALA Web site helps library job seekers succeed

    A new American Library Association (ALA) Web site — Get a Job!, http://getajob.ala.org — offers library-job seekers advice, resources, links, best practices and real-life examples.  Full of advice for finding a job in the current tough economy, it features information from a range of ALA divisions and units, as well as links to information about general best practices in job seeking.

    “New graduates and members looking for jobs in a tough employment market have asked what the association can … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Discipline: When and How

    For many, the verb “to discipline” has a negative connotation; commonly, we use “discipline” as a synonym of “reprimand.” Yet the verb’s etymology reveals a surprisingly positive root, the noun “disciple,” or student. This etymology suggests a different way of approaching disciplinary action: when we discipline an employee, rather than “dressing them down” or “putting them in their place,” we are actually turning poor performance or insubordination into part of the learning process.

    Discipline styles vary by … Read the rest


  • Developing a Model Advising Program at the School of Library and Information Studies at The University of Alabama: Part II

    Library Worklife is proud to present a project by University of Alabama students to design a model advising program at the university’s School of Library and Information Studies. This second part of the two-part article explores students’ reactions the prospect of an advising process; advising model programs at other universities; and the advising program the authors ultimately devised, which incorporates e-portfolios, plans of … Read the rest

  • Librarians wanted

    A new media campaign promoting career librarianship, sponsored by the Montana State library, attempts to attract certified library professionals to the state.

    The State Library’s Development Director, Sue Jackson, notes that “there’s a shortage of professionally trained librarians. Lots of libraries aren’t able to hire librarians with master’s degrees.”

    The State Library hopes the media campaign will boost interest in scholarships for Montanans pursuing the MLS. The scholarships are also … Read the rest




  • Mental Illness in the Library Workplace

    Anyone who’s worked in or around libraries for a while knows that they can be home to persons with truly eccentric personalities. But what if a colleague or patron’s behavior exceeds the eccentric? The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that mental disorders can affect up to 48 percent of us at some point in our lives. In times when stresses are increasing, whether they come from economic, professional or personal sources, fragile people are … Read the rest

HR Law

  • Ohio Senate Spares Libraries Further Cuts

    CHICAGO – The Ohio Senate has decided for the time being to remove the state’s libraries from the chopping block.

    The Senate passed a continuing resolution and approved an interim budget, delaying until July 7 its decision on how to plug a $3.2-billion gap in its $54-billion budget. The measure, which is expected to pass the House, would fund state programs at only 70 percent of their current level. It would also authorize the governor to dip into rainy-day funds … Read the rest

LW Tip

  • LW Tip

    NPR librarians blog on As A Matter of Fact, a blog by and for the audio-loving, fact-finding, truth-seeking, pop-culture-fiending, news-addicted librarians of the world.… Read the rest