Volume 5, No. 5 • May 2008

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  • SirsiDynix Winner Says Flexibility, Transparency and Commitment are Key to Improving Academic Library Salaries

    Interview with Brian Keith, Winner of the 2007-2008 SirsiDynix‑ALA‑APA Award for Improving Salaries

    [Editor’s Note: The June issue of Library Worklife, v5n6, will carry an interview with the other winner of the 2007-2008 SirsiDynix Winner, Camilla B. Reid of Augusta State University’s Reese Library]

    Brian Keith, Human Resources Officer of the George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida, is no stranger to pay equity initiatives. Having a significant history of managing long-term restructuring and market … Read the rest

  • ALA-APA names 30 leaders as its Angels

    CHICAGO – Thirty library leaders will be honored as ALA-APA Angels at the American Library Association Annual Conference in June. The ALA-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) is celebrating five years of service by honoring some of the many people and organizations that have helped it grow and flourish in its missions of providing certification and supporting better salaries.

    ALA-APA angels were instrumental in the creation and development of ALA-APA. They represent thousands of library employees who gave their time, energy, ideas … Read the rest


  • Cook County Treasurer recognizes ALA-APA Director for NLWD Efforts

    Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas presented ALA–APA Director Jenifer Grady with a certificate in honor of National Library Workers Day. Grady was recognized for her efforts to honor all library workers and to encourage communities to recognize the valuable contributions made by all library workers. Additional information on National Library Workers Day can be found at the ALA-APA website.… Read the rest

  • Equal Pay Day Brings No Relief

    For Immediate Release

    Senators Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Reps. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) and George Miller (D-CA) spoke at a Capitol Hill press conference on April 23, held in conjunction with Equal Pay Day, to support the passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act by the Senate.  Other speakers –and organizers of the event – included Marsha Zakowski, President, Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW); Rosalyn Pelles, Director, Department of Civil, … Read the rest

  • Paris Public Library seeking more funding

    In a Budget Committee meeting held on May 1, a discussion of staffing costs and the nature of library specialization may save the jobs of three part-time workers in Maine.

    Though the Paris, ME, 2008 budget calls for no change to the 2007 library budget of $145,698, the library has requested an increase of $10,641. At the final public hearing of the Paris Budget Committee, library employee Mike Dignan … Read the rest

  • Budget panel asks library for more cuts and Norway library budget proposal calls for “big increase”

    The Norway (ME) Memorial Library enters its second round of negotiations with the Norway Budget Committee over a budget increase to cover rising human resource costs.

    In an April 22 meeting, the Budget Committee criticized the library’s original proposal, a 7.4 percent budget increase, on the grounds that the library’s requested budget exceeds those proposed by other city … Read the rest

  • Library will open under state standards for staff, books

    Despite the fact that Sumner County is among the wealthiest in Tennessee, budget constraints place Sumner’s three county libraries below state standards in staffing.

    Two county libraries will soon have new, bigger homes and a third an expanded facility, but library board leadership worries that the system will not be able to staff the expansion. The library system is currently short eight employees and are open 55 hours less than … Read the rest

  • Cuts hit city library as use, need rise; It’s a difficult irony for Portland, as patronage typically goes up during tough economic times.

    Even if the Portland (ME) City Council reconsiders a library budget cut, the Portland Public Library plans to cut 12 percent of its workforce to meet its 2008-2009 budget goal.

    The City Council proposed a cut of $50,000 in funds allocated to the library. The cuts coincided with an increase in expenses, and the library is already $220,000 short of its 2008-2009 budget goal of $3.8 million. The library’s increased … Read the rest

  • Chief librarian says certification could be lost; Budget cuts “would result in significant layoffs”

    A one million dollar budget cut to the Human Resources Department of Fitchburg, MA, may “result in significant layoffs” among employees of the city’s public library, says Chief Librarian Ann Wirtanen.

    Wirtanen is also “concerned that closure is possible. It’s a distinct possibility, and I have not been assured otherwise.” The public library falls under the Fitchburg Human Services Department. The Human Resources Department, as well as the Police … Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • Employee Satisfaction and Emotional Intelligence

    Wouldn’t it be great to live and work more peacefully with others? If you could decrease your behavioral and relationship problems, would you be more satisfied at work? Would bettering the quality of your relationships with yourself and others affect your job satisfaction? A substantial body of research supports the importance of social and emotional abilities to personal and professional success. Recent research suggests that social and emotional abilities increase achievement, motivation, optimism, purpose, connectedness … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Staff Recognition Rewards: A Path to Motivated Employees or Engaged Employees?

    A casual glance around the walls of any store, car dealership or restaurant will probably reveal a plaque announcing the “Employee of the Month” or “Employee of the Year.” Such recognition awards are considered a method for motivating employees to enhance productivity. Numerous studies have found that highly motivated workers are more productive. Abraham Maslow developed a now highly-regarded “hierarchy of needs” that describes how extrinsic rewards (tangible items such as pay and benefits) and … Read the rest


  • McEntee Calls for Increased Funding for Libraries

    “Libraries are a Vital Resource During Economic Downturn”

    Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    Washington, D.C.—Gerald W. McEntee, President of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), AFL-CIO, today called for increased funding for the nation’s libraries, noting their importance to communities and workers coping with the downturn in the national economy.

    “Our libraries must get the necessary funding to meet the needs of working families,” said McEntee. “In economically difficult times, libraries are more important … Read the rest


  • ALA-APA Salary Survey and the New Librarian

    Many librarians are drawn to this field because they love libraries, but do their libraries love them back?

    Even entry-level librarian positions require at least six years of education beyond high school, an undergraduate degree and an MLS. Furthermore, many academic or specialist positions require advanced degrees or other training. Current economic instability and general trends toward deprofessionalization may lead many prospective librarians to question the value of this degree. Is an MLS worth the time and … Read the rest

Support Staff

  • Using Teamwork to Make It Happen:

    Interview with Spanish Subject Department Librarian Mary Torres, Cleveland Public Library

    A “new American” and a new librarian, Marianita (Mary) Torres has much to share about honoring past experience and embracing present opportunity. Torres, a Puerto Rican–American, is able to use her knowledge of Latin culture in her role as Spanish Subject Department Librarian at the Cleveland Public Library in Ohio. As a former paraprofessional, Torres draws on her experiences as support staff, online student and librarian … Read the rest


  • National Library Workers Day Statistical Wrap-Up

    National Library Workers Day worked because you did! Employees and patrons from all around the country submitted 490 Stars this year. In addition, friends and colleagues submitted 17 ALA Stars.

    Fifty-five percent of nominees work in public libraries, 16 percent in elementary/middle/high schools, 26 percent in colleges and universities and 4 percent in other (special, government) libraries. ALA-APA President Loriene Roy selected twenty Stars to receive NLWD tote bags.

    The Star who received the most nominations … Read the rest

  • Join the Circle of Wellness @ Your Library

    For 2008 National Library Workers Day, we are pleased to introduce a new web site and resource called Join the Circle of Wellness @ Your Library.

    For us, wellness includes all aspects of a person’s life: physical, social, environmental, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and occupational.

    On this site, you can read inspiring stories of your library colleagues’ journeys towards wellness, find out about workplace wellness in the news, and discover helpful tools and resources to aid you on your own … Read the rest

HR Law

LW Tip

  • LW Tip

    Has your state library association adopted a minimum recommended salary for librarians or library workers? Find out on ALA-APA’s Minimum Salaries page.

    Looking for an economical, accessible means of furthering staff development? The University of North Texas’ award-winning online education program, Lifelong Education @ Desktop (LE@D), now offers a free Staff Development Toolbox. Visit LE@D’s website to view tools like a Self-Assessment Survey, Staff Development Database, Personal Staff Development Planner and online course catalog.

    Read the rest