Volume 4, No. 3 • March 2007


  • The ALA-APA Presidential Candidates Speak

    Elections will be held in the spring! The candidates for ALA President are Jim Rettig, University Librarian at the University of Richmond (VA), and Nancy Davenport, President of the Council on Library and Information Resources. As the victor will also serve as ALA-APA President, the candidates were asked, “How would you would represent ALA-APA as President in 2007–2008?” Here are their responses.

    Nancy Davenport

    ALA-APA was created to fulfill several functions for ALA members: advocacy, more vigorous than that permitted … Read the rest


  • National Library Workers Day Is April 17!

    Start the celebration early for National Library Workers Day (NLWD) by submitting information about your favorite worker and what makes him or her special to the NLWD Stars Web site—http://www.ala-apa.org/nlwd. NLWD is celebrated on Tuesday, April 17, during the American Library Association (ALA)-sponsored National Library Week.

    NLWD is sponsored by ALA-APA: the Organization for the Advancement of Library Employees, which advocates for improving the salaries and status of librarians and support staff. NLWD Stars will be featured on … Read the rest

  • Chilean Library Celebrates Worker Contributions Every July 10

    Last month Library Worklife reported on Australia’s celebrations of library workers, Library Lovers’ Day and National Library Technicians’ Day. In our March issue we would like to feature the Severin Public Library of Valparaíso in Santiago, Chile. According to librarian Marta Moenen Barahona, every July 10 this library celebrates the contributions of professional librarians, administrators and auxiliary personnel.

    Severin Public Library is affiliated with Anfudibam: the Museum, Archives, and Libraries Union of Chile.  On that same date, July 10, … Read the rest

  • Salinas Strives to Fund Library Worker Salaries, Benefits

    Salinas, California, has valiantly rallied from its recent budget crisis. Yet the city struggles to fund the salaries and benefits of many city positions, including those of library workers.

    Tax revenues and grants have restored $10 million of the $15 million cut from the budget during the lean years. And over the last year, the libraries, once in jeopardy, have steadily increased their operating hours. Yet the full … Read the rest

  • Library Board OKs Budget Draft; Preliminary Budget Set at $7.56 Million

    The Muscogee County Library Board allotted almost 70% of its preliminary 2007–2008 budget to salaries, benefits, and a 3% across-the-board raise.

    The county’s School Board must also approve this budget, currently set at $7.56 million. The board will review the draft at its March meeting.

    Twelve percent of the budget will fund books and other library materials. Library Board CFO Lyn Anderson notes that the state has … Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • How to Diminish a Profession without Really Trying

    By Christopher Shaffer

    A department head was showing a recent hire around our small campus and she brought him into my office, introducing me as “The Librarian.” Shaking off images of a khaki-clad Noah Wylie, I explained that I was indeed the library’s interim director, and that our facility employed two other librarians. To my astonishment, the department head asserted that not only was I the only librarian on campus, the director had always been the only person in the … Read the rest

  • Library Journal to Publish Long-Awaited Job Satisfaction Survey

    On May 1, 2007, the Library Journal will publish the results of its first job satisfaction survey of the 21st century. Library Journal solicited responses from librarians and library workers on its website. Editor-in-Chief Francine Fialkoff plans to conduct two other surveys, one on non-MLS librarians and one on librarians of color.

    This survey is the second of its kind published by the Library Journal. LJ conducted a previous survey in 1994. Nearly a thousand librarians responded to that … Read the rest


  • CPLA Approves Candidates and Online Courses

    The Certified Public Library Administrator Program (CPLA) Certification Review Committee (CRC) approved 28 candidates and eight more program courses at the 2007 American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter Meeting in Seattle. The Public Library Association (PLA) will manage the new courses. The next deadline is March 16, 2007.

    The Certified Public Library Administrator program is a voluntary post-MLS certification program for public librarians with three years or more of supervisory experience and ALA-accredited master’s degrees in library and information studies.

    The … Read the rest

  • Certification Program for Library Practitioners

    On February 23, the Western Council of State Libraries (WCSL), a professional association of 22 state libraries, announced the start of its Library Practitioner Certification program. The certificate provides recognition for library directors and managers who do not hold a master’s degree in library science. WCSL accepts candidates from all 50 states.

    Developed with support from an Institute of Museum and Library (IMLS) grant in response to calls for improved training opportunities, the Western Council identified a set of competencies … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • It’s Not Too Late

    Last-Minute Tax Tips, Plus Two Changes for 2007

    Tax returns on due on April 16 this year, a day later than usual because April 15 falls on a Sunday. As most librarians know, the IRS Web site (http://www.irs.gov) provides forms and publications, and IRS Publication 17 (“Your Federal Income Tax”) is a good place to start. So if you haven’t filed your return yet, you may find the following tips helpful.

    You can e-file for Read the rest


Support Staff

  • Library Journal Paraprofessional of the Year

    Library Journal declared Jackie Cornette Paraprofessional of the Year 2007. Jackie manages the Western Branch of the Watauga County Library, one of three county library systems headquartered in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

    Among the 30 excellent nominees the judges found “three to watch”:

    • Linda Janok, Library Assistant, San Mateo Public Library, CA
    • Vergie Savage‑Branch, Serials Clerk, Weill Cornell Medical Library, New York
    • Jey Wann, Oregon State Library Documents Coordinator, Oregon State Library

    The March 1st … Read the rest


  • Office Fitness

    Lower back pain and injuries are common ailments among Americans. Many assume that lower back pain or injury usually results from heavy lifting or other physically strenuous activities that accompany an active lifestyle. But this assumption is false.

    My chiropractor once told me that the human body was not designed for sitting or lying down. Prolonged sitting weakens spine and back muscles. The average two-hour commute and the average eight-hour workday cause many American professionals … Read the rest

HR Law

  • U.S. House Passes Employee Free Choice Act

    ALA-APA’s June 2006 resolution supporting the Employee Free Choice Act has borne fruit: on March 1, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 800, 241 to 185. Senators expect the bill to reach the Senate floor in the next few weeks.

    The Employee Free Choice Act, which amends the National Labor Relations Act, “goes a long way toward protecting library employees who form unions,” says Emily Sheketoff, Executive Director of the ALA’s Washington, D.C. office. In a statement of ALA-APA’s supportRead the rest

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