Volume 4, No. 10 • October 2007


  • A Road Many Travel

    Eight years ago I left my position as a reference graduate assistant to take an opportunity with an information retrieval vendor. “Don’t stay away too long,” said my library director.  She argued that if I wanted to be a professional librarian, I needed to work in a traditional librarian position. My career was just beginning and I was young, so I didn’t understand how someone in my position could “stay away too long.” Today, I better understand … Read the rest


  • Call for Certification and Salaries Committee Volunteers

    ALAand ALA-APA President-elect Jim Rettig is seeking applications and nominations for appointments to 2008-2009 ALA-Allied Professional Association committees. Appointments take effect at the conclusion of the 2008 Annual Conference.

    Mr. Rettig will fill slots on the following committees: Certification Program, CPLA Certification Review, Promotion and Fundraising, Publishing, Salaries and Status of Library Workers, SirsiDynix–ALA-APA Award for Outstanding Promotion of the Salaries and Status of Library Workers Jury.

    All applicants must complete and submit the electronic 2008-2009 ALA-APA Committee Volunteer … Read the rest

  • Libraries—Room for More Than Reading

    Butte County Library Offers Email Notices for Customers

    A new director, increased funding and changing attitudes on the function of libraries will allow the Butte County Library System to hire new staff and provide raises for existing employees.

    Starting Oct. 6, all six branches of the Butte County Library will have increased hours. Some branches will double their hours of operation.

    In June, the … Read the rest

  • Budget Cuts Force Shifts in Library Staffing, Hours

    Ninety-two library pages will be laid off at the Tampa-Hillsborough County Library system. The pages will be replaced after October 1 by 15 full-time library assistants. The cuts in staff are part of a plan to save the system $1 million.

    While library officials hope the cuts will have minimal impact, it remains to be seen if service will suffer. At its height, the Brandon branch had eight … Read the rest

  • Piscataway’s Library Supporters Lobby against Cuts; Mayor Says Everyone Will Feel Budget Pain

    With a 10 percent budget cut, Piscataway, NJ, libraries face $700,000 in expenses not covered by the budget. These expenses compound extra employee costs they did not pay before, such as health insurance, said Evelyn Hartmann, president of the library board of trustees.

    Mayor Brian Wahler, though, said the library system’s supporters had to realize no department was being singled out for budget cuts. Instead of seeing the funding … Read the rest

  • Library Asks for $552K Increase to Cover Staff Costs

    Residents Voice Support for Additions to County Budget; Police Department, Drop-in Children’s Center Funding Get Endorsements

    The Tompkins County Public Library of Ithaca, NY, requested $552,560 in additional funding from the Tompkins County Legislature. The money for the library, above the $2.8 million already budgeted, would be allocated in part for operational support, increases to salaries for library … Read the rest

  • Library Cataloguers Fear Outsourcing’s Effect on Local Labor

    Library catalogers in Cascade Township, MI, fear that plans to outsource cataloging services would cost employees jobs and decrease the quality of work.

    Library officials want to try buying precataloged, or so-called “shelf-ready” materials, to reduce a backlog of new books, DVDs and CDs they say now takes 30 to 60 days to reach library shelves.

    Their goal is to have new materials on the shelf 10 to 14 days after they are … Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • Toward a Philosophy of Management

    What is your philosophy of management? Whether you are a new manager or experienced, odds are you have been asked this question. I most often hear it asked in interview sessions, and I am always surprised by the similarity and limitations of people’s answers. People don’t generally have a well-thought-out answer to this. Too often I hear candidates describe themselves as “hands off,” which is meant to convey that they don’t micromanage. Most recently, I heard an … Read the rest


  • Twelve Certified Public Library Administrator Program Candidates and One Course Approved

    The Certified Public Library Administrator Program (CPLA) Certification Review Committee (CRC) approved 12 new candidates and one more program course at the 2007 Fall review. CPLA now has 87 candidates representing public libraries of all sizes across the nation.

    The Certified Public Library Administrator program is a voluntary post-MLS certification program for public librarians with three years or more of supervisory experience and ALA-accredited master’s degrees in library and information studies.

    The candidates are from 30 states and Nassau, Bahamas. … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • A Planned Crisis

    Using Disruption As Positive Change

    A recent article in the Harvard Business School publication Working Knowledge for Business Leaders discussed the difficulty of finding sources of innovation. In “Jumpstarting Innovation: Using Disruption to Your Advantage,” Professor Lynda Applegate reports that disruptive change can provide fertile ground for innovation. Even though she speaks to the business community, libraries can use this same premise to discover innovation during disruptions. This article discusses two situations that call for innovative solutions … Read the rest


  • Mentoring 101

    Mentoring from Both Sides

    Mentoring is an important component of professional development that occurs formally and informally throughout one’s career. Michelle McKinney, a new librarian, was matched with seasoned librarian, Angela Gooden, through the University of Cincinnati’s (UC) Mentor Program. Angela has experience both as mentor and a mentee.  They discuss the mentoring relationship from both perspectives: benefits of mentoring, ideal characteristics of mentors and mentees and finding a mentor. As librarians of color, … Read the rest


  • Get a Free Copy of an ALA-APA Library Salary Survey—for Analyzing the Data

    ALA-APA will give up to five people/institutions a free copy of the 2007 ALA-APA Salary Survey – Librarian: Public and Academic ($70 value) or 2007 ALA-APA Salary Survey – Non-MLS: Public and Academic ($100 value) in exchange for analyzing data and submitting a research paper on a topic of national interest.

    The Librarian Salary Survey has been published since 1982 and covers six positions. The Non-MLS Salary Survey has been published since 2006 and covers more than 60 positions that … Read the rest


Support Staff

  • Surviving Reorganization and Landing on Your Feet

    [Volunteer Editor’s Note: If I were asked to start a library from scratch, Cheryl would be the first person I would hire. I think her article is outstanding and, hopefully, will inspire and support others facing change in their libraries. And, aren’t we all doing that? Being able to cultivate authors like Cheryl makes being a “volunteer editor” so much fun! Cathy Hakala-Ausperk]

    Change is good until it happens to you. When our library system was restructured … Read the rest


  • Burnout in Academic Libraries

    What Is Burnout?

    Burnout describes the process by which employees become disillusioned, frustrated and unproductive at the workplace due to high levels of stress. This condition has many sources and may be caused by personal issues as well as work-related problems. While problems at home or in their personal lives can affect an employee’s ability to be productive at work, a manager cannot control these personal concerns. However, research has shown that administrators can implement programs to … Read the rest