Volume 3, No. 9 • September 2006


  • Introducing George Cigale and Tutor.com

    LW: Tell us about your journey to becoming CEO of Tutor.com.

    GC: I started working full-time on making Tutor.com a reality in 1998, but it had been growing as an idea in the decade before. As a part-time tutor in the late 1980s, I saw first-hand dozens of times how one-to-one help at the right time can make a struggling student into a confident and capable one, and I saw how hard it was for parents to find help for … Read the rest


  • Ask a Working Woman Survey—AFL-CIO


    The header for this survey reads: Working women know the importance of a good job in a just economy.

    • Where our pay keeps up with prices.
    • Where lawmakers listen to working people-not just big corporations.
    • Where one big medical expense doesn’t wipe out a family’s life savings.

    This survey is our chance to be heard as working women.

    Responses will be given to every U.S. representative and senator as well as state and local officials around the country on … Read the rest

  • Gathering at the Waters

    Joint Conference of Librarians of Color

    The Joint Conference of Librarians of Color (JCLC) is the first-ever national conference to be held and sponsored by the five caucus associations of color at the same time in the same place. It will be held October 11-15, 2006, in Dallas, Texas, at the Adams Mark Hotel.

    The five caucus associations are affiliate members of the American Library Association (ALA) and their liaison to ALA is through its Office for Literacy and Outreach … Read the rest

  • NCES Definition Does Not Include Librarians

    Although, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) used a new breakout of expenditures for its report on public elementary and secondary education for the 2003-04 school year, this has not realigned school librarians with the instruction category they desire. Previously, the breakout was: instruction, support services and noninstruction, which placed librarians and library aides with support services. The new breakout is instruction and instruction-related, student support services, administration and operations. Librarians and library aides are still considered instruction-related, though … Read the rest

  • Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library Board OKs Union Vote

    On August 17 th , the IMCPL Board of Trustees meeting the board passed a resolution that establishes a process by which IMCPL workers can choose an employee organization.

    http://indylibraryunion.org/Read the rest

  • West Virginia Libraries Struggle with Funding

    [J.D.] Waggoner [Executive Director of the West Virginia Library Commission] wants to help Richwood with just a small part of that $800,000 special projects money, but he doesn’t want to proceed without some sort of OK from lawmakers [to fund issues such as the fact that] small rural libraries continue to lose employees who hold master’s degrees in library science, Waggoner said. That recently happened to the McDowell, Mason and … Read the rest

  • Library Gets Bigger Budget

    In a gesture of support for the city’s ongoing library woes, Opelousas Mayor Anna Simmons and all six city aldermen gave money that was supposed to go toward a proposed raise for themselves to the Opelousas Public Library following a plea by library chairman Estelle Perrault for help with rising operation costs.

    As for the approved 50-cent-an-hour plus 2.5 percent pay raise for city employees—which workers have expressed their unhappiness … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Resolve Conflict

    Take Time to Discover the Other Party’s Concern

    How much of your workday do you spend dealing with conflict? According to one expert, most of us spend 20 percent of our time dealing with irritations, frustrations, and annoyances (at least seemingly) caused by other people.

    “The ability to manage conflict has become a key skill,” says Dr. Kenneth Thomas in Dealing with Conflict, a 1992 training video that capitalizes on some of the management professor’s best-selling … Read the rest

  • Fired By Text Message?

    On August 14, 2006, the Middle East Times reported that a 21-year old sales assistant was fired via text message. The message, “We will not require your services anymore…Thank you for your time with us,” was sent while she was off work. She worked at a body-piercing and jewellery shop based in Cardiff. The store director, Ian Besbie, said that the dismissal method was fair because texting was a part of “youth culture.”… Read the rest


  • Librarian Minimum Salary Survey

    The results of a recent survey reveal a strong desire for the establishment of minimum salaries for librarians. The survey, conducted online over a period of forty days, was advertised on various library electronic discussion lists and received approximately 700 responses. Survey results follow; most common responses are highlighted.

    Notes on procedure: The survey was conducted via the Questionpro online service. Survey responses were tabulated from input received July 19 through August 29, 2006. Differences in columnar … Read the rest

Support Staff

  • How to Journal Ideas

    A follow-up to “Journal Yourself to Success!

    Can you name the five most recent workshops you’ve attended? How about the one key thing you learned from each? Will you be checking up on yourself to be sure you really put it into practice? What were the results of the last time you turned to your mentor for advice—or when someone turned to you?

    Can’t remember? Join the club. In today’s busy workplace, paying attention to … Read the rest

  • Massachusetts Library Association (MLA) Paralibrarian Section

    Exploring the Possibilities

    RECOGNITION, APPLAUSE, AWARDS, congratulations and thanks! A mission of the Massachusetts Library Association (MLA) Paralibrarian Section is to enhance opportunities for paralibrarians and to develop career awareness. To promote those goals, the committee has initiated two exciting programs: The Paralibrarian Awards and the PAralibrarian Recognition of Achievement (PARA) program.

    Reorganized after several years’ hiatus, the MLA Paralibrarian Section has a statewide membership of more than 125 library staffers, including paralibrarians … Read the rest


  • Juggling Life and Home Responsibilities

    I remember my first day of class as a Master’s in Library and Information Science student at Dominican University. The professor asked each of us in the class to name the accomplishments we would like to achieve within the next two years while in the program. I naively said I would like to get married, have a baby, and finish my MLS, all while working full-time. My classmates laughed and said that I was crazy, but … Read the rest

HR Law

  • Definition of a Dependent Changes for Flexible Spending Accounts

    The Internal Revenue Service has provided an updated definition of dependent for individuals participating in a flexible spending account.

    This includes new definitions for the following:

    1. “Gainfully Employed”

    The term “gainfully employed” includes employment within or outside the employee’s home but does not include work as a volunteer or for nominal consideration. Under the general rules for dependent care FSAs, employees must allocate their expenses for dependent care between days worked and days not worked.

    The … Read the rest