Volume 3, No. 8 • August 2006


  • Being Wealthy Means I Have a Lot of Money … But to Be Really Rich, I Must Find My Dream

    Have you ever felt that everything in your whole life added up to one gigantic karmic mission? That a dream of yours is precisely why you are here on this planet? That this dream is so important that there is no way you can fail?

    That’s how I feel about my goal to produce the first documentary film about the image and reality of the people behind America’s libraries: librarians and library staff. It’s called The Read the rest


Career Advancement

  • Scuttling Some Job-Hunt Myths

    Reprinted with permission from Business Week Online. This article originally appeared on March 22, 2006.

    What some applicants accept as gospel when they’re interviewing never ceases to amaze. Here are 10 misconceptions that can really hurt.

    When I had my first baby, my husband’s grandmother told me to put a penny on the baby’s belly button and tie something around the baby’s tummy to keep the penny in place—that way the baby wouldn’t have a prominent … Read the rest


  • Certified Public Library Administrator Program Deadline August 10

    Attention all library continuing education providers! The national CPLA candidate pool is growing and they are eager to see more courses offered, particularly online. All candidates have an ALA-Accredited MLS and three or more years of management experience in a public library. Courses cover one or more of the CPLA competencies:

    • Budget and Finance

    • Management of Technology

    • Organization and Personnel Administration

    • Planning and Management of Buildings

    • Current Issues

    • Fundraising

    • Marketing

    • Politics and Networking

    • Service to Diverse Populations

    Each course must … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Younger Bosses and Older Workers

    By Elisa F. Topper

    Today’s management positions are not based on chronological age and experiences as it has been in the past. Our workplace has become multi-generational and managers and employees need to take notice.

    As Americans delay retirement or decide to stay in the workforce, they are most likely going to work for someone who is younger. A coming shortage of skilled labor will push employers to hire 5.3 million older workers by 2010 and 14 million by 2020, … Read the rest


  • An Update on the Minimum Wage

    In the past few months, the federal minimum wage level has been a hot-button issue in the political world. Since 19961, the minimum wage has been set at $5.15.2 At this pay rate, a person working full time for a year would only earn $10, 712, living well below the national poverty line for a family of three of $16,600.3 Even if this worker is only supporting him or herself, the rising rent … Read the rest

Support Staff

  • ALA Empowerment Conference

    At the American Library Association’s Conference for Support Staff, called the Empowerment Conference, this year’s theme was Taking Charge in a Sea of Change. I decided to attend the Empowerment Conference again because I received a great benefit when I attended last year. I was happy I did attend. I learned a great deal not only about how to serve patrons better, but how to manage my life better. I attended a Library Mosaics tribute, a … Read the rest


  • Librarian Lessons from Mom

    By Emily Blankenship

    You never thought you’d admit it, but Mom was right! So sit up and pay attention to how her lessons growing up will help you become a successful librarian today.

    I can’t help but think about all the encouragement, support and great advice my mom gave me that have helped me become a successful librarian. My mother never ran a library, but she ran a tight ship for my friends and me, and managed a thriving business … Read the rest

HR Law

  • It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

    What Employers and Employees Should Know about Terminations

    Few things bother both employees and employers as much as involuntarily terminating the employment relationship. Of course, no employee likes to get fired, and, surprisingly, terminating the employment relationship is no picnic for employers either. I have personally worked with some of the largest employers in the State of Michigan and can tell you that management often agonizes over the decision to terminate employees, even in extreme … Read the rest