Volume 3, No. 6 • June 2006


  • Fairview Heights (IL) Director Settles Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Against City Council

    Good News!

    On January 3, 2006, the City Council of Fairview Heights voted to settle a gender discrimination lawsuit that I had filed in December 2003. It was a long journey that actually began when I was first hired.

    I started with the city in 1979 as a Grade 6 (non-management). In 1986, the City Treasurer raised concern that there may be a potential problem in the way the city “treated” its female employees. Specifically, there were … Read the rest


  • ALA-APA Has a New Name!

    The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) Board of Directors, at its spring meeting, decided on a new informal name for the organization. The legal/official name of the organization remains the American Library Association-Allied Professional Association, but the informal name, which will be used prominently in all media, is now ALA-APA: the Organization for the Advancement of Library Employees. ALA-APA’s Council has requested a name that explains the missions of the organization almost since its inception in 2002. “The … Read the rest

  • ALA-APA Programs at the American Library Association Annual Conference in New Orleans in June 2006

    Affordable Health Care, Salary Negotiations, Advocacy Training, Certifications, Managing in Libraries with Unions, and our special guest, Evelyn Murphy, author of Getting Even: Why Women Don’t Get Paid Like Men and What To Do About It are just a few of the programs ALA-APA will bring to New Orleans.

    Saturday, June 24

    10:30 a.m.–noon—Benefits: Past, Present, Future American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
    This session will look at which benefits have typically been and are currently … Read the rest

  • National Library Workers Day Stars Honored at ALA Annual Conference

    The 223 National Library Workers Day Stars will be listed on a large poster in the Morial Convention Center, to be displayed for the duration of the Conference. There may be a few who you know! www.ala-apa.org/nlwdRead the rest

  • Poverty Links For Librarians

    The American Library Association Social Responsibilities Round Table (SSRT) has updated its Website on poor and homeless issues. The site was developed by John Gehner, a recent LIS graduate and chair of SRRT’s Task Force on Hunger, Homelessness and Poverty. This is a great resource for libraries, especially as they address policy-making challenges.

    There are two important additions to its Web site (www.hhptf.org):

    The new Resources section (www.hhptf.org/resources) compiles links to helpful documents, publications, and tools in … Read the rest

  • Call For Papers—Information For Social Change

    The summer 2007 issue of the online journal Information for Social Change (ISC, ISSN 1364-694X) will focus on the urgent theme of library and information workers as political actors in times of war, civil war, military occupation, and social conflicts worldwide.

    ISC seeks both contemporary and historical submissions that address such topics as:

    • Library and information provision during times of war, civil war, military occupation, and social conflict that provide insights and practical strategies for potential library and information projects

    Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • What’s Your Job?

    By Julius Rhodes

    Often I will ask a person, “What’s your job?” In response they will begin to tell me the specific title of the position they hold. In the past this has been everything from floor sweeper to CEO. In addition to providing me with their title, they also share with me the specifics of their role such as, “I am responsible for making sure that all debris is removed from the floors on a regular basis.” Or they … Read the rest


HR Practice


  • Salaries of Librarians and Other Professionals Working in Libraries

    The Colorado State Library, Library Research Service has compiled data comparing library professionals’ salaries with other professionals in libraries, like auditors, computer scientists, compensation managers, public relations managers, etc. This data is a state-specific version of what will soon be available from ALA-APA’s nation-wide Non-MLS Salary Survey. It is noteworthy that of the eleven other professions, all but two bring in higher salaries than librarians. Computer and information managers command a salary almost twice that of librarians ($106,580 vs. … Read the rest

  • “The Devaluing of Higher Education”—AAUP to Release Annual Report on Faculty Salaries

    Washington, D.C.—For the second consecutive year, the increase in overall average salaries for college and university professors failed to keep up with the rate of inflation. That is one of the central findings of “The Devaluing of Higher Education: The Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession, 2005–06,” which was released by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) on Monday, April 24.

    The AAUP’s annual report has been an authoritative source of data on faculty salaries and … Read the rest


  • Library Staff Covered by Collective Bargaining Agreements

    A Report from the 2005 Survey of Librarian Salaries

    This month, we report on the percentages of librarians, other professionals and support staff who are covered by collective bargaining agreements. In May, LW reported the answers to the supplemental question, “Which compensation strategies do you use in your current pay system” and to check all that applied. There were seven typical strategies and six additional forms of compensation. We will analyze the final question about FTEs by department in … Read the rest

Support Staff

  • Second Annual Conference within a Conference for Library Support Staff at ALA Annual

    Also called the Empowerment Conference, the Conference Within a Conference will be held Saturday and Sunday, June 24 and 25, 2006 in New Orleans, LA, during the 2006 American Library Association Annual Conference. The theme is “Taking Charge in a Sea of Change.”

    This year’s event will offer library support staff a choice of four program tracks, which will address issues in professional development, personal development, skills development, and work/life balance.

    Participants will be able to attend workshops on

    Read the rest
  • Unos in Chicago

    2005 ALA Annual Conference Filled with Firsts

    [This article was originally published in Library Mosaics, volume 16, no. 5, September/October 2005. Reprinted with permission from the publisher.]

    A trip to Chicago in June can be full of untold surprises or as predictable as lightning bugs on a sultry summer night. For many attendees of the ALA Annual Conference of 2005, the Windy City proved to be filled with firsts.

    • LIGHTS OUT: The first conference blackout was caused

    Read the rest
  • University of California Library Technicians Receive 8.6% Raise

    A University of California press release dated February 16, 2006, states that clerical workers, which includes library assistants and technicians, “will receive wage increases of approximately 12% over the next three years, contingent upon state funding.UC’s library assistants and other clerical employees will receive additional market equity increases for the first two years of the agreement to help address salary lags.”

    Library employees are covered under a collective bargaining agreement with the Coalition of University Employees (CUE). This is … Read the rest


  • Job Burnout As a Library Management Issue

    Professional burnout has long been a problem for organizations, yet it wasn’t until recent decades that the condition, often associated with extreme incidents, referred to as “going postal,” has been given serious recognition. Nevertheless, more and more people are beginning to realize the impact of chronic workplace stress on both employees and their workplaces. Just as workers experience severe mental, emotional, and physical consequences of job burnout, management has witnessed its effects on organizational morale, … Read the rest

HR Law

  • Blow to Whistleblowers?

    U.S. Supreme Court Rules That Workplace Reports Not Protected Free Speech

    Public employees who report what they believe is workplace misconduct to their supervisors cannot necessarily invoke their constitutional right to free speech if their employer retaliates, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled late last month. The decision stemmed from a 2000 incident in which Richard Ceballos, a deputy district attorney working in the office of Los Angeles County District Attorney Gil Garcetti, claimed that he was transferred … Read the rest