Volume 3, No. 3 • March 2006


  • Building Today … For Tomorrow

    A Librarian’s Lesson In Fundraising

    The East Cleveland Public Library is more than a repository for books for local residents to access. It has evolved into a much broader community center offering education and cultural enrichment for those in our service area and for others throughout Greater Cleveland. The library and the community needed more space. But how do you raise money for a capital campaign in a neighborhood that … Read the rest


  • ALA Honorary Member Nominees Sought

    Nominations are now being accepted for Honorary Members of the American Library Association. Honorary membership, ALA’s highest honor, is bestowed on living citizens of any country whose contributions to librarianship or a closely related field are so outstanding that they are of significant and lasting importance to the whole field of library service. The honor is intended to reflect positively upon ALA as well as upon the individual. Nominations may be submitted by any ALA member and must be received … Read the rest

  • Tell Everyone About the Stars in Your Library for National Library Workers Day

    National Library Workers Day is Tuesday, April 4. We encourage you to celebrate the wonderful work of library employees on that day because, after all, Libraries Work Because We Do. Tell everyone what makes a library employee special in your library by submitting your favorite worker to the NLWD Stars Web site—www.ala-apa.org/about/nlwdstarsform.html. NLWD Stars will be featured on the National Library Workers Day site from March until June 30. Stars will also be honored at the ALA Annual … Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • To What Degree Are City Librarians Hired?

    Recently, the Madison Public Library hired two youth librarians who didn’t have master’s of library science (MLS) degrees. Veteran librarians were puzzled, since this hasn’t happened in over 16 years, and since they all have MLS degrees. Read more.… Read the rest

  • SLA Gets Its First CEO

    Special Libraries Association (SLA) President Pam Rollo has announced that the Association has changed the title of its top staff executive from Executive Director to Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Honorable Janice R. Lachance, the current Executive Director, is the first Association staff leader to hold the CEO title.

    “The executive director’s role as external communicator and collaborator with the profession’s stakeholders has evolved substantially,” Rollo said in a written announcement to SLA’s volunteer leadership. “This role requires increasing interaction … Read the rest


  • Invitation to Continuing Education Providers for the Certified Public Library Administrator Program

    ALA-Allied Professional Association invites you to participate in the second review of proposals for providing courses for candidates in the Certified Public Library Administrator Program. Library schools, consortia, and others are encouraged to apply. We have already approved providers (ALA divisions, consultants, regional library systems) for seven courses. We need many providers across the country for each of the nine standards; providers still have the opportunity to become the first to provide the other three elective standards: Current Issues, Fund-raising/Grantsmanship, … Read the rest

  • Invitation to Public Librarians for the Certified Public Library Administrator Program

    The ALA-Allied Professional Association invites you to participate in Certified Public Library Administrator Program. The Certification Review Committee will be reviewing the first applications soon! Why would you want to be in the program? See what others have to say on the Web site—www.ala-apa.org/certification/cplaapplication.html. We have already approved providers (ALA divisions, consultants, regional library systems) for seven courses. We will have providers from across the country for each of the nine standards and courses will be offered in … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Overtime, Discrimination, Liability

    Legal Issues to Consider Regarding Flextime or Telecommuting

    Many employees want to work at home and on their own schedules. Or, if they must report to a workplace, they like flexible hours. And many employers want to accommodate them, especially if it can be done at a fairly low cost. Still, legal pitfalls abound. Employers must be sure that granting flextime or allowing employees to telecommute does not result in increased liability, allegations of discrimination, or unbudgeted … Read the rest


  • Library Search Firms

    What are library search firms? From watching the hit TV competition Star Search in childhood years, I gained a general understanding of search firms as businesses or agencies dedicated to scouting out new performers. Even though Star Search has long since left the screens, replaced by the popular American Idol, I discovered an interesting parallel: both TV competitions and library search firms aim to fill positions in specific professions.

    Today, more than twenty search firms assist library … Read the rest


  • Non-MLS Salary Survey Deadline Extended

    The deadline for completing the Non-MLS Salary Survey has been extended until March 17. More than 3000 public and academic libraries were included to participate in this very important survey. The survey is coordinated by the American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) and American Library Association (ALA). Please call 1-800-545-2433, ext. 2424, if you have any questions.… Read the rest


  • Do You Kebberfegg?

    This is one of many tips that you may find on Mary Ellen’s Web site, www.batesinfo.com/tip.html.

    RSS feeds have been getting a lot more attention lately, and for good reason. For starters, they’re one way to keep up with the blogs you read regularly; most blogs offer an RSS feed of either summaries or the full text of each blog entry. But what’s really cool about RSS feeds is that the technology has expanded far … Read the rest

HR Law

  • Exempt? Non-Exempt?

    The Non-MLS Salary Survey has evoked many questions. The one question many who are completing the survey struggle with is very basic, but complex: Which are exempt and non-exempt positions? The distinction is particularly confusing for libraries that have staff working part-time.

    There is no standard way of categorizing part-time staff. Both exempt and non-exempt staff may work part time. One might ask how a part-timer can be non-exempt when non-exempts can work overtime. The availability or possibility of overtime … Read the rest