Volume 3, No. 1• January 2006


  • 9to5

    Organizing Low-Wage Women

    By Ellen Bravo, Gloria Santa Anna and Linda Meric

    When 9to5, National Association of Working Women was founded in Boston in 1973, the terms “sexual harassment,” “pay equity” and “family leave” didn’t exist or weren’t widely used in the American vocabulary. But experiences with sexual degradation on the job, under-valuation of women’s work and lack of consideration for family responsibilities were common. So were the consequences, financially and emotionally, for women workers.

    The women who started … Read the rest


  • Cuyahoga Falls (OH) Library Freezes Administrative Salaries Due to Budget Losses

    Cuyahoga Falls (OH) Library trustees voted to close the library on Sundays and reduce hours on other days due to funding shortfall. The 2006 budget of almost $1.8 million is $142,521 less than in 2005. In November, a five-year levy was not passed, by 441 votes, which would have covered current expenses. The 2006 budget is 7.3 percent lower than 2005. The board approved several operational measures to cap expenses, including freezing the salaries of the ten non-union and administrative … Read the rest

  • Buffalo and Erie County (NY) Public Library Board Makes Cuts

    A significant decrease in funding from Erie County meant the Public Library Board has had to make serious cuts to library staffing and operations for 2006. The $25.3 million budget, according to Kenneth H. Stone, the library system’s chief financial officer, is smaller than the 1997 budget. Salaries and benefits account for more than three quarters of the library budget. Erie County reduced its support by $7 million, one quarter of the proposed budget. The county’s support will be $21.7 … Read the rest

  • Pittsfield, Maine, Library Workers Receive 4% Raise

    Public library workers, as city employees of Pittsfield, Maine, benefited from the approved 2006 budget, which was adopted on December 20, 2005. Pittsfield city councilors voted for a $2.48 million operating budget, without increasing the mill rate. The original raise was proposed to be 2%, but, because health insurance costs were lower than expected, was increased to 4%.

    The library was scheduled to receive $15,000 for an elevator fund, but, according an article on December 19 th , the funds … Read the rest

  • The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association Renaming Contest Deadline Extended!

    The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association is extending its renaming contest deadline to January 31, 2006, to provide additional time to suggest a new name that encompasses the organization’s dual missions.

    The ALA-APA was established in 2002 to offer certifications for library staff in specialized fields and to advocate for the status of—and better salaries for—library workers. “With all the challenges it faces in improving the status and educational qualifications of library workers, the ALA-APA is definitely exciting.” said ALA-APA … Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • Career E-Portfolios Part II

    Creating an Online Career Development Tool

    E-portfolios, short for electronic portfolios, are increasingly being used as powerful career advancement tools. As discussed in the article “Career E-Portfolios: The Next Standard in Career Development” (Library Worklife, December 2005), e-portfolios are easy to distribute, cost effective, and can empower job candidates by providing highly detailed descriptions of their qualifications to potential employers, allowing them to gain greater insight into candidates’ personalities and career ambitions. Additionally, e-portfolios can help professionals … Read the rest


HR Practice

  • Turning Over a New Leaf in the New Year

    How to Get Chronically Late Employees to Report to Work on Time

    Is your New Year’s resolution to “never be late again?” Do you wish your employees would make such a vow?

    Tardiness may not matter in some professions, but in libraries, where customer service is so important, being at one’s work station on time and ready to work matters a lot. Chronic tardiness often means present co-workers must scramble to cover for missing employees. Customers may … Read the rest


  • Librarian Salaries 2005

    Revised Survey Yields Broader Results

    This article is reprinted with permission from American Libraries, where it appeared in the December 2005 issue.

    The 2005 salary survey represents a break in the methodology used for the 1982-2004 surveys. For a number of years ALA members and researchers have asked for state-level salary data instead of—or in addition to—regional data. The 2005 survey was designed to meet that need.

    The sample of public and academic … Read the rest

  • Librarians Fight for Higher Salaries

    Originally printed in the NMLA Bulletin 35, no. 7 (Nov./Dec. 2005): 4 . Reprinted with permission from the author.

    A salary survey conducted by the New Mexico State Library staff in the summer of 2005 found that workers employed by the State Library are severely underpaid. The 2005 study, titled “Pay Inequity at the New Mexico State Library: Study and Recommendations,” can be found online at: www.stlib.state.nm.us/files/NMSLSalaryReport.pdf

    The pay inequity study reports that in the last year … Read the rest


  • Libraries Nationwide Will Soon Receive Non-MLS Salary Survey

    As you know, ALA has collected and published salary information on librarians with ALA-accredited masters degrees since 1982. In 2005, that survey was expanded to address the request by the library community to have state-level data. In 2006, we are conducting the first annual non-Masters degree in Library Science (non-MLS) Salary Survey! The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association and the ALA Office for Research and Statistics (ORS) will conduct the inaugural non-MLS salary survey beginning in late January. “We often … Read the rest

Support Staff

  • Paraprofessional of the Year Award Nominations

    Nominations due January 6, 2006

    Library Journal will honor one support staffer with its seventh annual Paraprofessional of the Year award in its March 1, 2006, issue. Sponsored by Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, which underwrites the $1500 cash prize and a reception to honor the winner at the American Library Association conference in June, the award recognizes the essential role of paraprofessionals in providing excellent library service. It places special emphasis on the efforts of the winner to further … Read the rest


  • Librarian Trading Cards

    Putting a Face with More Than a Name

    Where else can you see librarians wearing a parrot mask, flexing muscles like Rosie the Riveter or smiling sneakily behind heavy books? Librarian trading cards are fun, creative and important. The colorful mini-profiles demonstrate how technology can promote your profession and your library.

    Library student Amy Pelman launched the first set of cards this past November through her Librarian Trading Cards Blog: “I now have a steady stream of … Read the rest

HR Law

  • Bullying

    Beyond the Playground

    By: George K. Pitchford, Esq

    The concept of bullying is normally associated with a school playground, and invokes images of a heavyset pre-teen demanding lunch money from a smaller, less mature victim. In spite of this more common image of bullies and bullying, it is now also recognized as a major problem in the workplace, and employers and employees must understand some of the issues surrounding bullying, and be prepared to address them in their own workplace.… Read the rest