Volume 2, No. 9• September 2005


  • Good News! Making a Case to Your Funders

    Like a lot of libraries, Great River Regional Library (GRRL) in St. Cloud, MN, has seen some lean years recently as funding levels have failed to keep pace with usage patterns. Fortunately, the administration has been able to persuade its Board of Trustees and funding agencies that library workers need to be compensated fairly. Those at the lower end of the pay scale have seen their wages increased, and a classification and compensation study has ensured staff … Read the rest


  • Understand Poverty Before Judging

    Your Voice

    Published in the Cincinnati Enquirer, September 7, 2005.

    I was on Williams Boulevard in Jefferson Parish, just outside of New Orleans, the morning before Katrina hit. People were struggling to get into any vehicle, many barely operable, to get out of the area. They were in for a long haul. I have worked as a children’s librarian for New Orleans Public Library for more than 10 years, and I have experienced firsthand how vicious poverty … Read the rest

  • DEMCO New Leaders Travel Grant

    The DEMCO New Leaders Travel Grant is designed to enhance the professional development and improve the expertise of public librarians new to the field by making possible their attendance at major professional development activities. Plaques and travel grants of up to $1,500 per applicant are presented annually at the ALA Annual Conference. Established in 1993.  The name of this grant was changed in October 2004. This grant is sponsored by DEMCO, Inc.

    http://www.pla.org/ala/pla/plaawards/planewleaders.htmRead the rest

Career Advancement

  • Keeping Pace with Career Change

    There’s a good deal of talk out there about librarians feeling that library jobs will not exist in 10 years. New librarians feel that they are facing limited opportunities for entry-level jobs and wonder if there will be prospects for advancement once they are employed; seasoned librarians are concerned about burnout. Reference stats are going down and various Technical Services functions are being outsourced.

    As a Human Resources professional, I read and think a lot about our … Read the rest


  • Certification Manual on ALA-APA Web site

    Has your division or committee been thinking about launching a certification program? If so, the steps for going from an idea to an actual program are found in the ALA-APA Certification Manual. The manual will also be helpful to librarians who want to participate in the Certified Public Library Administrator Program.

    The manual, in several PDF documents, details the process of getting certification program approved by a division and ALA-APA Board of Directors, the responsibilities of the Certification Review … Read the rest

  • Certification for Public Librarians will begin in 2006

    At the Annual Conference, the ALA-APA Council approved the guidelines for all certification programs that will be administered by ALA-APA. The first program will be the Certified Public Library Administrator Program (CPLA). This long-awaited program will be launched in 2006, but the Certification Review Committee is alerting potential providers that they should look for a Request for Proposals and additional details in September on the ALA-APA Web site. Providers will offer courses covering one or more of the nine … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Using Emotional Intelligence to Improve Working Relationships

    Emotional Intelligence – a new buzzword in human resources – is the ability to recognize and understand your own and others’ emotions and make use of them in socially adaptable ways. Emotional intelligence, therefore, can be an effective measure of “street smarts” or “social radar.” We all see things differently, depending upon our mindset and individual perspective; but the ability to read social cues and respond to them in a … Read the rest


  • Misery Loves Company – Meeting Planners Show Similar Salary Trends

    Meetings and Conventions, a print journal for event planners, published a supplement in the August 2005 issue giving the results of its national annual salary survey. There were 564 corporate and 495 association planners who responded. It was no surprise that corporate salaries were higher than association salaries by approximately 10% ($62,200 and $56,100 respectively). What was surprising was the significant disparity between the salaries of men and women in this primarily female profession.

    For associations, the average salary … Read the rest

  • How to Get What You Are Worth

    By Mary Pergander

    This article originally appeared in the July 2005 issue of Info Career Trends.

    Oh, happy day! You’ve interviewed for a good job, and they have called to offer you the position. Now, they are going to make you the perfect offer of your dreams, right? Hold on!

    Whenever you are being offered a new position, remember the True Objective: The EMPLOYER wants to get the best person possible, for the least (yet fair) money. YOU want the … Read the rest


  • State Salary Surveys—2004

    The ALA Office for Research and Statistics surveyed state libraries to determine which ones have salary surveys that include library workers in public, academic, school, or special libraries. Of the forty responses from state library data coordinators, thirty states have surveys currently and one, Florida, reported collecting some of the data. Thirty states collect and publish the salary data annually and one state, Arkansas, collects and publishes bi-annually. One state, Alaska, stopped collecting and reporting salary data in 2003.

    http://www.ala.org/ala/ors/reports/State_salary_surveys_summary.pdfRead the rest


  • Giving Thanks

    Let’s face it – no one has to give. No one has to think about those outside of their own workspaces, households, and social circles. No one has to have sympathy for those who suffer. Yet you do. On a local, regional, or national level, many of you are aware of those beyond your reach, giving at your capacity. You give a sandwich and change to the homeless woman near your office, you treat your co-worker to lunch, you donate … Read the rest

HR Law

  • A New Revolution in Civil Service Personnel Practices

    Job dissatisfaction and high employee turnover among civil service personnel has policy-makers listening, and we are beginning to see revolutionary changes in the civil service system.

    Civil Service, also known as public service or the public sector, refers to civilian workers employed in government agencies. The public sector deals with the delivery of goods and services by and for the government agencies, at the national, regional or local/municipal level. Salaries for civil service workers are funded by … Read the rest