Volume 2, No. 3 • March 2005


  • Should You Do More With Less? NO!

    In these trying financial times, many libraries are being asked to do more with less or at least do the same with less. What should we say to those who ask this of us?

    First, find out if everyone else in the organization has been asked to do the same. If the answer is yes, then perhaps you will have to comply. However, in all likelihood, not everyone has been asked to cut back or work … Read the rest


  • University of South Florida Faculty Contract Update

    In the December 2004 issue (1, no. 12), Library Worklife reported that the faculty of the University of South Florida had ratified the proposed collective bargaining agreement negotiated between UFF and the USF administration. The negotiated contract, as reported by the Jan./Feb. 2005 United Faculty of Florida Update, includes an expansion of academic freedom protections, including placing responsibility on the administration to address problems before they escalate. Other wins were the inclusion of sexual orientation in the nondiscrimination provision, … Read the rest

  • Nominate Your Institution for the EEOC Freedom to Compete Award

    Time is running out to nominate your institution for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Freedom to Compete initiative. This is a national outreach, education and coalition-building campaign to emphasize the importance of providing free and unfettered access to employment opportunities for all individuals. Essays, of 1000 words or less, describing a practice—innovative leadership; outreach; education; recruitment; training and development; promotion; retention; and/or mentoring—that has been in place for at least one year, must be submitted by March 18, 2005.… Read the rest

  • Four Members Elected to ALA Executive Board and ALA-APA Board of Directors

    Francis J. Buckley Jr., Terri G. Kirk, June A. Pinnell-Stephens, and Patricia H. Smith have been elected to serve on the American Library Association (ALA) Executive Board and the ALA-APA Board of Directors (interlocking boards). The new board members were elected by the ALA Council in a vote taken at the 2005 ALA Midwinter Meeting held January 14–19 in Boston.

    Buckley, Pinnell-Stephens, and Smith will each serve three-year terms beginning in June 2005 and concluding in June 2008. Kirk was … Read the rest

  • New Issue of Woman’s Day Features “Librarians for a Day” and “Put It in Writing @ Your Library”

    The March 8, 2005, issue of Woman’s Day magazine shadows two readers who wanted to spend a day in the life of a librarian. The article, titled “Bookworms,” shows and tells how the two women spent the day in their local public libraries, and the variety of activities they participated in and their impressions. Five hundred people responded to the offer: In 700 words or fewer, let us know what the library means to you and why you’d like to … Read the rest

  • National Library Workers Day Is Tuesday, April 12

    How Will Your Library Celebrate?

    The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA), an organization that advocates for improving the salaries and status of librarians and support staff, is sponsoring the second annual National Library Workers Day (NLWD) on Tuesday, April 12, during ALA-sponsored National Library Week (April 10–16). NLWD is a day for library staff, users, administrators and Friends groups to recognize the valuable contributions made by all library workers—including librarians, support staff and others.

    The theme for National Library … Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • Getting Employers to Go Out on a Limb and Hire a New Graduate

    Editor’s Note: I think we’d all agree that it’s difficult to advance in a career if you can’t find a job. On one of the electronic discussion groups I’m on, members have been expressing concerns about how to get a job when one is new to the profession. I also attended a workshop yesterday and spoke with a young man who is in this position. He said his school didn’t do anything to prepare him, like mock interviews and resume … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Do Your Employees Really Know What Benefits They Have?

    With the average library system spending nearly 40 percent of gross salary on employee benefits, extra attention needs to be given to communicating the value of these benefits to employees. Libraries realize the importance of providing competitive benefits to employees in order to retain current employees and attract new employees. But, do employees realize how much time and money the library spends to provide them with these … Read the rest


  • No Boundaries. No Limits. Know Your Library.

    That’s the rallying call to all who live or work in New Jersey. The concept of the first ever statewide marketing campaign for New Jersey’s libraries was developed by marketing consultant Parker & Partners of Absecon, New Jersey. At its center is Super Librarian: “With help from your librarian, you can do just about anything. The library is your local knowledge resource and your librarian is your expert tour guide.” Norma Blake, State Librarian, described the … Read the rest


  • Reconsidering Salary Comparisons

    As librarians, we often tell ourselves that when compared with other professions, our salaries are unseemly low. As others have noted, there are many cultural and historical explanations for this disparity, not the least of which librarianship being an historically female dominated profession. Powerful professional associations also contribute to the economic and political authority well established professions maintain. However, these issues fall outside the scope of this article. I would like to suggest that when taken in … Read the rest


  • Are Our Numbers Rising or Falling?

    How should we interpret the statistics we hear? Most of the profession is retiring, there are fewer people going to library school, people of color aren’t going to library school, there are lots of jobs available, there are no jobs available, salaries are low, salaries are adequate? I’m (again) coming to the conclusion that it depends. Where you are (geographically and in your professional life), who you are, what you read and who you are asking … Read the rest

Support Staff

  • Associates Subscribers Need to Resubscribe

    Associates: The Electronic Library Support Staff Journal is an international forum for and about library support staff issues. Associates is published three times per year in March, July, and November. Associates maintains a Web site as well as issuing full text contents via e-mail to subscribers.

    A disaster befell the Associates electronic mailing list last month. Wendee Eyler, the Editor of Associates, reports that when the University of California, Riverside, switched to a new electronic discussion list machine, information from … Read the rest

  • Trish Palluck Is Library Journal Paraprofessional of the Year

    Trish Palluck, of the Wyoming State Library, has been enthusiastically chosen as LJ Paraprofessional of the Year. Among the many accolades she received, her colleagues say she is inspirational, genuinely caring and a sensitive trainer. She works in the automation office, and was responsible for the implementation of the statewide interlibrary loan system. She also pioneered the Paraprofessional/Support Staff Section of the Wyoming Library Association. For more information, see the March 1, 2005, issue of Library Journal.

    We also … Read the rest


  • Featured Commentary—Sally in Libraryland

    The People Who Make Our Lives Better

    Originally published in the ILA Reporter.

    You may wonder how I can be so sure I love your job when we’ve never met. Until a couple of years ago, it would not have occurred to me that it was possible, either. But I’ve noticed that the universe has a way of smacking me in the face with things I need to learn, and as time goes on, I’ve … Read the rest

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