Volume 2, No. 2 • February 2005


  • The LeRoy C. Merritt Humanitarian Fund

    Help for Librarians in Need

    Librarians, as we know, are underpaid for the important role we hold in society. In addition, often we assume the responsibility of having to defend unpopular material and ideas against community pressures. Law enforcement occasionally adds to the tension by attempting to circumvent library policies and abrogate the privacy of library users.

    Individual librarians are now often targets: the USA PATRIOT Act imposes gag orders and … Read the rest


  • Urge Labor Department to Keep Collecting Data on Women Workers

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a division of the Department of Labor, has announced that it will stop collecting employment data on women from the Current Employment Statistics survey, a monthly survey of 160,000–400,000 businesses. It will continue to collect employment data on women with the Current Population Survey, a monthly survey of 60,000 households. The National Organization for Women (NOW) urges you to tell the BLS and your Members of Congress that this information is absolutely essential, and … Read the rest

  • Empowering Library Support Staff for the 21st Century

    ALA is proud to present the two-day Conference within a Conference, a separate, specially priced educational opportunity for library support staff!

    The event, which will be held in conjunction with the 2005 Annual Conference in Chicago, will offer opportunities for library support staff from across the country to come together to learn, network and share model programming. There will also be opportunities to attend the world’s largest library exhibition as well as hear a national list of speakers.

    Participants will … Read the rest


  • ALA Pay Equity Committee moving to ALA-APA

    At the Midwinter ALA Conference, both ALA and ALA-APA Councils approved that the ALA Pay Equity Committee work with the ALA-APA Standing Committee on the Salaries and Status of Library Workers to transition the mission and members to ALA-APA by the 2006 ALA Annual Conference.

    The Committee on Organization (COO) recommended that the committee be fully transferred to ALA-APA, ensuring that the issues of gender equality and representation to the National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE) are included in the … Read the rest

Support Staff

  • The March issue of American Libraries will highlight support staff.

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  • From Fish! To PEEP

    A Journey in Reward and Recognition

    As a Supervisor, the most challenging thing to do is motivate staff, especially when your staff are at the bottom of the food chain! In September of 2002, I realized that the morale of my staff in the Stacks Management department of Hesburgh Library at the University of Notre Dame was reaching an all-time low. Absenteeism was a problem, the staff felt like no one else in the library respected what … Read the rest


  • Improved Health While You Work

    Today’s professional must survive in a fast-paced demanding world that allows little time for concentration on health and fitness. This can be seen in the disturbing estimate that 134.8 million American adults are over-weight or obese.1 Other issues, such as back problems, also arise from the physically sedentary lifestyle of many of our country’s professionals. Work, especially in an office environment, often requires people to spend hours behind a desk, performing mentally demanding but physically inactive … Read the rest

HR Law

  • Social Security and Pensions

    A Primer

    Social Security, pensions and other retirement plans are in the news. President Bush called for allowing workers under age 55 to convert a portion of their Social Security taxes into “voluntary personal retirement accounts” in his State of the Union address last week. Employees at United Airlines are being asked to give up their defined benefit pensions to rescue the airline from bankruptcy. Business and anti-tax groups are calling for state and local governments to … Read the rest