Volume 2, No. 12 • December 2005



  • Recommended Article: Supply and Demand for Catalogers: Present and Future.

    This is a survey of Association for Research Libraries members, looking at MLIS graduates in cataloging, available jobs and the impact of retirements.

    Leysen, Joan M,. and Jeanne M.K. Boydston. Supply and Demand for Catalogers: Present and Future. LRTS 49 (2005): 250–65.… Read the rest

  • Does a “First Class Education” Include School Librarians?

    There is a movement, called “First Class Education” that is asking state policymakers to mandate that 65% of all school spending be used only for classroom-related activities. The argument is that the quality of education will increase with this dedicated funding ratio. Proponents, led by President and Chairman of Overstock.com Patrick Byrne, feel that there is a link between classroom spending and the education delivered. Critics say that it will eliminate or shrink services that are important but … Read the rest

  • “No More Pay Inequity or Discrimination” Supported at University of California at Berkeley Library Pay Equity Forum

    In early November 2005, the University of California at Berkeley labor unions: CUE, the Coalition of University Employees, the AFT (American Federation of Teachers), UPTE (University Professional and Technical Employees), and LAUC-B (Librarian’s Association of UC-B) sponsored two well-attended and lively events with keynote speaker, Dr. Maurice J. Freedman, Past President of the American Library Association. The first forum event was a round table where Dr. Freedman addressed the issue of pay equity for library workers and … Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • Online Portfolios

    Career E-Portfolios: The Next Standard in Career Development

    This is part one of a two-part special article.

    In a society immersed in technology, companies and businesses must have a competitive digital presence in order to contend for contracts and clients. This presence may include digital marketing tools such as promotional CDs as well as Internet representation in the form of web sites. Similarly, recent graduates and new career professionals need advertising strategies that utilize technology in an … Read the rest

  • Becoming an Effective Library Advocate through the Use of Persuasion

    Why write about persuasion?

    Our profession has a unique and important view on society’s need for high quality information resources. This view needs to be heard outside of our profession. We need to develop and hone our advocacy for wide access to reliable, high quality information. I have been a professional librarian for more than ten years. Within that time, I have seen weak ideas succeed, and strong ideas fail. “Selling” a project or idea is a … Read the rest

  • Sometimes It’s Worth the Headaches

    Working in Challenging Environments

    By Larry White, East Carolina University

    My colleagues and I were conversing recently about our professional work history and how we had ended up where we were in life. Most of the tales involved a scrape or two with a challenging situation or individual who changed a career path. Almost all of the tales involved a person ending up in a bad set of circumstances and, not knowing how to address the problem, made the choice … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Effective Communication

    In recent years, communicating with employees has become more sophisticated and complex. No longer can we simply post an announcement in the staff kitchen and assume the job is done. It is important for information to flow vertically as well as horizontally within the library. In this manner, employees are not only able to give and receive the information they need, but are able to trust management as well as … Read the rest


  • Raising Library Salaries in New South Wales, Australia

    Nicholson delivered this presentation at the 2005 International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) Conference in Oslo, Norway, in August 2005. This case is worth noting because of the history of the pay equity movement in New South Wales, the involvement of librarians in a larger study on gender equity and the resulting increases in pay and changes to policy. Although this pay equity case occurred in the … Read the rest

  • Wage Gap Calculator

    The WAGE Project (Women are Getting Even) is a non-profit organization that is addressing pay inequities. It was founded by Evelyn Murphy, author of Getting Even: Why Women Don’t Get Paid Like Men and What To Do About It . The site features stories by women who are not being paid like their male colleagues, information about sex discrimination cases and a wage gap calculator. See how your salary fares, according to the Special EEO File. This file “serve[s] as … Read the rest


  • 2005 Librarian Salary Survey Is Now at the ALA Online Store!

    The 2005 Librarian Salary Survey is now at the ALA Online Store! Useful for librarians seeking employment in academic and public libraries, and for library directors hiring staff, this report summarizes salaries paid as of April 1, 2005, to staff in six position categories: directors/deans, associate/assistant directors, department heads, managers of support staff, librarians who do not supervise and beginning librarians. The annual survey report has undergone three significant changes to help managers and librarians in academic and public libraries: … Read the rest

Support Staff

  • We Honor Raymond Roney and LIBRARY MOSAICS, The Magazine for Support Staff

    Raymond Roney, Charlie Fox, and Ed Martinez—are those names you know? Some of us know them and their work well and wanted to let them know that we appreciate the work they’ve done over the last sixteen years to promote the value and issues of our nation’s library support staff.

    Raymond Roney is the Publisher and Founder of LIBRARY MOSAICS, The Magazine for Support Staff. Ray, Mrs. Ruth Roney (Circulation), Charlie Fox (Editorial Director) and Ed Martinez (Consulting Editor) have … Read the rest


  • Listen Up!

    Achieving Greater Understanding through Listening

    How many times have you said or heard someone say, “Listen and learn”? From my earliest recollections in grammar school to my participation in endless client meetings I often run across people, who unabashedly exclaim, “Will you please just listen?” While I am sure these individuals are well intentioned the fact of the matter is that within each of us is a huge presumption that people do indeed know how to listen.… Read the rest

HR Law

  • Library Law Blog

    Mary Minow, JD, AMLS, publishes a blog called Library Law (http://blog.librarylaw.com). The tagline reads “Issues concerning libraries and the law—with latitude to discuss any other interesting issues. Note: Not legal advice—just a dangerous mix of thoughts and information.” Minow, co-author of The Library’s Legal Answer Book, has information and commentary on a variety of library legal issues, such as copyright, the PATRIOT Act, and CIPA. Topics delve into Human Resource-related Law (see Employment) from time to time.… Read the rest