Volume 2, No. 1 • January 2005


  • The ALA-APA Presidential Candidates Speak

    ALA elections will be held in the spring! The candidates for 2005–2006 ALA President are Leslie Burger, of Princeton Public Library, and Christine Lind Hage, of Clinton-Macomb (Mich.) Public Library. As the victor will also serve as ALA-APA President, the candidates were asked, “How would you would represent ALA-APA as President in 2006–2007?” Here are their responses.

    Leslie Burger

    I began my career at the age of sixteen as a library page at the Bridgeport (Conn.) Public Library working for

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Career Advancement


  • Certification Committees to Meet at Midwinter Meeting

    Many of you have heard about and even worked on the development of the Certified Public Library Administrator (CPLA) program, to be launched by the ALA-APA. This is an update on the progress of certification activities. ALA-APA is honored to have distinguished colleagues serving on the inaugural committees.

    The Certified Public Library Administrator Program Certification Review Committee (CPLA-CRC) will be meeting for the first time at the ALA Midwinter Meeting. The committee chair of the CPLA-CRC is Eva Poole, Director … Read the rest


  • Why We Are Librarians

    Reprinted from an article titled “Can’t Help Lovin’ That Job of Mine,” in the summer 2003 (volume 3, no. 2) issue of the Shy Librarian, a now defunct quarterly magazine.

    I was sitting at my desk, which is in a practically windowless room, stuffed between the staff mailboxes, high school yearbooks, and quietly moldering city directories. The day outside was a depressing winter gray. As I sat contemplating a complete career overhaul (surfing instructor in Hawaii came … Read the rest


  • What Would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Say to Us?

    This speech, given at the Dr. Martin Luther King Breakfast at Midwinter 2002, is being reprinted by Library Worklife. It is an inspiration for all of us who want to make a difference in our professional lives. It is also a reminder that back in 2002, we were awaiting an organization that would give us the opportunity to change the way library workers are perceived and paid. I invite to you come to the ALA-APA … Read the rest


  • Myers-Briggs Survey Results

    This is not scientific, but the responses to the Myers-Briggs test from the last issue were all over the board. There were twenty-nine respondents, who identified themselves as:









    The combination that had the most entries was INFP (6). Next were INFJ and INTP (4); and ISFP (3). There were two ENFPs, ESTJs, and ESTPs. Anyone care to offer a non-scientific interpretation? Editor.… Read the rest


  • When Sadness Stops the Music

    A Look at Identification and Treatment of Clinical Depression and SAD

    Snow wraps Chicago in a loose blanket while new flakes swirl in gusts of wind like children playing chase. Shovels scrape concrete as small-business owners wisely clear the sidewalks in front of their stores, their breath fogging the air as they quickly labor. Sometimes they will smile at me as I walk by. But now they focus single-mindedly on finishing their work and getting back inside. … Read the rest