Volume 16, No. 10 • October 2019

Career Advancement

  • Five Skills You Should Highlight on Your Resume

    If someone says to you, “I have a job for which I think you’d be perfect. Email me your resume,” would you have one ready to send immediately? Unless you’re frustrated with your current job, your supervisor or your co-workers, you probably haven’t touched your resume since the last time you were in job-search mode. This is a mistake. If you haven’t updated your resume in a while, you may find that some resume expectations have changed.

    According to this Read the rest

HR Practice

  • You Don’t Have to Like Someone to Work with Them, but…

    They say you don’t have to like someone to work with them. True enough – there are bound to be some colleagues you don’t necessarily like but with whom you still work well because you have some level of respect for each other. The author of this article explains that “respect is a key driver of partnership, collaboration, and teamwork in the workplace. Neuroscience indicates that without having at least some respect for a colleague, it’s almost impossible to work Read the rest


  • Make Connections at the ALA Midwinter 2020 Meeting in Philadelphia

    If you have any vacant positions or plan to hire in the near future, you should plan to meet with job seekers during the American Library Association’s (ALA) Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia, PA (January 24 – 28, 2020). This is the place where Human Resource professionals, library directors, and hiring managers make real connections with exceptional candidates at every level. The ALA JobLIST Placement & Career Development Center offers private interview areas to ensure confidentiality. Reserve a recruitment booth now.Read the rest


  • DOL Issues Final Overtime Rule

    In a news release issued last month (Sept. 2019) the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) announced a final overtime rule which is expected to make 1.3 million American workers eligible for overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Many workers will be able to collect one and one-half times their regular rate of pay for any hours over 40 worked during a workweek. The rule will become effective January 1, 2020.

    Under the FLSA, workers must be paid Read the rest


  • Signs You’re Burning Out at Work

    We all deal with stress in our lives, but especially in our jobs. There is the usual stress that comes with having to meet yet another deadline or dealing with your most difficult patron or coworker. However, chronic stress, if not managed effectively, can result in burnout. Burnout is more than the “normal” occurrences of stress. It can be a result of prolonged or chronic stress and is characterized by emotional exhaustion and feelings of being over-worked and over-whelmed on Read the rest

  • How Optimism Helps You Deal with Stress

    Positive psychology researcher Michelle Gielan has studied optimism and success for more than a decade. Through her research, she has found that those with an optimistic outlook are better equipped to deal with stress. She also found that optimists have met more of their goals—both personally and professionally. Gielan defines optimism as the expectation of good things to happen and the belief that our behavior matters, especially in the face of challenges. She believes that even with optimism, it’s still Read the rest


  • New Rule Proposed to Prevent Graduate Student Unions at Private Colleges

    The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) proposed a new rule that would take away the right to unionize from graduate teaching and research assistants at private colleges. 

    The proposed rule, which was published last month, determines that students who are working for their institutions in “connection with their studies,” such as teaching and research, are not employees. 

    If implemented, the regulations would reverse a 2016 ruling that gave graduate assistants at private universities collective bargaining rights. However, private colleges will Read the rest