Volume 15, No. 6 • June 2018


Career Advancement

  • 4 Very Common Words That Might Scare Your Co-Workers

    Do you consider yourself a communication “guru”? Do you pride yourself on having amazing communication skills?  Are you the one who keeps your managers and co-workers looped in and apprised of what’s going on at all times? If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on. Do you know that a few very common words could be causing your colleagues to freak out? It’s true. Certain terms that you might use regularly make people think fire drill, Read the rest

  • 3 Myths about Moving Up

    Most people assume that everyone wants to climb the career ladder. We often also assume that if someone does a job well, they are ready to move on (and up). According to this article, however, these are both myths.  Depending on an individual’s stage in life, they may be satisfied with staying in the job they have. Also, not everyone who wants to advance has what it takes for the next step. This article briefly discusses myths about Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Wellness Among the Top Health Benefits on the Rise

    As healthcare costs continue to climb, employers are looking at a variety of strategies to reduce their overall costs. According to the “2017 Inventory of Total Rewards Programs & Practices” report from global consulting firm Korn Ferry and global HR association WorldatWork, there are 22 benefits that have increased in popularity year after year, and continue to be on the rise in 2018.  Of the 22 benefits, almost half (45% or 10) are wellness and well-being related. Although many of Read the rest

  • 5 Rules to Get Employee Recognition Right

    Recognition is an essential ingredient to keeping employees happy and engaged at work. It is vital to every manager. Actually, it’s critical for the success of every workplace. The author of this article suggests that if you want to keep your employees plugged into their jobs and coming into work with better attitudes, you’re going to have to reinforce them somehow.  But that presents some questions, like how, when, how much and how often? This brief article provides some rules Read the rest


  • Saying No Makes Time for What’s Important to You

    How often have you been asked to take on a new project or to volunteer for a committee, and you really wanted to say no, but didn’t? What makes it so difficult for some of us to say no? Are you concerned about what others will think of you if you say no? Do you think you won’t be seen as a team player? Do you worry that they won’t ask you to be a part of another project in Read the rest

HR Law

  • Age Discrimination and Women in the Workplace

    Unlike men who are considered to be like fine wines that increase in value with age, women who age are not always respected. It is no secret in a society that is obsessed with physical appearance, that women fight a battle to stay relevant as they reach middle age. In the workplace, that can result in being passed over for promotions, marginalized, and pushed out to make room for younger employees.  This can be devasting for a profession such as Read the rest