Volume 15, No. 11 • November 2018

We salute our veterans. Thank you for your service.


  • How Veterans and Their Families Can Find Benefits

    This past weekend, people all across the United States honored veterans for their service.  Veterans and their families often sacrifice so much for their country.  They give up time with their families. Many go into other countries or into battle and experience things we can only imagine.  Many never come back the same.  After serving their country, U.S. veterans become entitled to a variety of benefits. However, some are unaware of what these benefits are. Others are aware of them, Read the rest

Career Advancement

HR Practice

  • Handling Insubordination? 5 Manager Guidelines to Restore Civility

    Have you ever had an employee who refused to do something that you specifically asked them to do? Or even worse, have you ever had an employee who got upset with you, began yelling and cursing at you because you were giving constructive feedback?  Would you consider these situations forms of insubordination? How did you handle them? Or if it has never happened to you, how would you manage these situations? In the heat of the moment, making the correct Read the rest

  • How to Set Your First-Time Managers Up for Success

    For some people, being promoted from an individual contributor on a team to manager can be challenging. In addition, making the transition from friend to boss can often be harder than expected. Many times it is assumed that someone who is great at their job will also be great as a manager. This may not always be true. However, new managers can have a better chance at being successful in their new roles if they are prepared. When managers are Read the rest


  • What’s Most Important to Employees?

    What do employees really want? Is it money? Is it paid time off? Is it other benefits? Well, the answer is… it depends on who you ask. A number of companies have conducted research to determine the answer to this question. It seems answers can vary depending on the age, the gender and the stage of life of the person responding.

    According to A Glassdoor study of 1,100 workers and job seekers, pay is the number 1 motivator for 67% Read the rest


  • What Will You Do Differently Next Time?

    We may have our time planned exactly the way we want so that we can be effective and efficient in accomplishing our goals. Then out of the blue… here comes what feels like a thousand demands for our time. When we find ourselves bombarded with requests from supervisors, co-workers, even those in other departments, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.  This often leads to distraction. We can get distracted by all the thoughts running through our minds (i.e. how Read the rest

  • 5 Things to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed by Your Workload

    By Beatrice Calvin

    If you have times when you feel overwhelmed by your workload, you’re not alone. Nearly everyone feels overwhelmed at some point. But it’s how you handle your feelings that can make all the difference. The author of this article offers suggestions of practical ways (i.e. healthy self-talk, examining your assumptions, tracking your time, changing some behaviors, etc.) to handle your feelings which, ultimately could lead to your having a greater sense of control.

    However, if you find Read the rest

HR Law

  • Disciplining an Employee with a Suspected Addiction or Substance Abuse Issue

    With the increase of legalized marijuana along with opioid and other drug addictions in the United States, a supervisor might be wondering how many or if any of their employees have substance abuse issues. If you have an employee that you suspect might have an addiction or substance abuse concern, your initial thought might be to just fire the person to get rid of the problem. Beware, this action could involve a certain level of risk and lead to legal Read the rest