Volume 14, No. 8 • August 2017

Career Advancement

  • 10 Rules for Driving Positive Change

    Are there people at work that you look forward to seeing each day? Are there other people that you dread running into? — You know, those negative people who drain your energy and rob you of your good feelings. So how do you shake free of the negative people and drive positive change no matter where you are? This article shares 10 simple but powerful rules for overcoming common life and work obstacles to help bring out the best in Read the rest

HR Practice

  • The Art of Respectful Firing

    No one ever wants to hear the words, “You’re Fired.” Granted, there are times when employees’ actions may be cause for immediate dismissal (i.e. perform illegal transactions on the job, pose a direct threat to co-workers, etc.). Often though, under-performance and unmet expectations are more likely reasons for people being fired. Sometimes efforts to correct problematic behaviors simply don’t work. This article provides suggestions to assist managers in handling these situations proactively.Read the rest


  • Retirement Planning is Hard, but it Can Be Even Harder for Women

    If you’re a woman in your 50s or 60s, you could easily live for two to three more decades — possibly one-third of your total lifespan.  How would you plan for retirement assuming you — or your spouse or partner — might live to age 80 or 90 (if not longer)?  The basic problem for most women is that they’ll most likely live longer than men, yet they often have fewer retirement resources. According to this article, women face Read the rest


  • How to Find Meaning in a Job That Isn’t Your “True Calling”

    Many people want to feel that their work has meaning and value. However, research mentioned in this article shows that less than 50% of people see their work as a calling. The author of this article suggests that work can be meaningful even if you don’t think of it as a calling. The key is to become more conscious about the service you’re providing. The author says that “If we reframe our tasks as opportunities to help others, any occupation Read the rest

HR Law

  • Medical Marijuana: When a Positive Drug Test May Not be Grounds to Fire an Employee

    Last month, Massachusetts’ highest court held that a medical marijuana patient terminated for failing a drug screening could state a claim for disability discrimination against her employer. According to this article, many states’ medical marijuana laws contain the similar language to that which the court relied on. Therefore, it is suggested that employers outside of Massachusetts pay attention to the details of this and similar cases.Read the rest

  • Credit Checks for Employees and Applicants: Are They Worth It?

    Given the varying federal, state, and local credit check requirements, employers should consider the relevance of the information they would obtain from a credit report.  Of course, credit checks may be needed for certain people dealing with financial matters. However, this article says that employers should ask themselves whether a credit check is actually “worth the effort and, potentially, the risk that comes with it.”Read the rest


  • Library Workers Vote to Unionize

    Nyack (NY) Library workers voted July 24 to form a union affiliated with the New York State United Teachers. According to a recent article, the secret ballot election was overseen by the National Labor Relations Board. Library workers had hoped to forego the special election altogether. The 33-7 vote came the week after management had refused to recognize the Nyack Library Staff Association, organized in June.Read the rest