Volume 14, No. 6 • June 2017

Career Advancement

  • 5 Outdated Career Tips That People Should Really Stop Sharing

    Advice about what is appropriate behavior for the workplace and career advancement has been around for decades. Things like, check the spelling on your resume before sending it out, or don’t wear dirty, wrinkled clothes to an interview, have stood the test of time and still works. However, there is some advice that, according to this article, have become outdated. The author lists five things that she thinks should no longer be adhered to along with a rationale.  Read the rest

  • Planning and Management of Buildings eCourse Starting Soon

    A six-week Planning and Management of Buildings course starts Monday, June 26, 2017.  The online asynchronous sessions will be available on six sequential Mondays.  The cost of the course is $300.  REGISTER now.

    This is the course for you if you want to learn how to develop and plan maintenance of a facility, determine capital needs and budgets, and understand the elements of a construction project.

    This course is designed to help the participant in the context of their own Read the rest

HR Practice

  • 7 Common Employee Gripes (and How to Silence Them)

    A study says that 40% of managers in the United States are considered “bad bosses” by their employees. Yet most managers assume that their relationships with their employees are running smoothly.

    Obviously, some of those bosses are wrong … and that can create major problems for a business. A Gallup Poll says organizations are 50% less productive—and 44% less profitable—when serious boss-employee conflicts exist.

    According to the book 30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers some common employee complaints about management, Read the rest

  • 25 Low-Cost Benefits and Freebies for Employees

    A recent benefits study of 2,000 people indicated that employees place a huge value on benefits. Eighty-eight (88) percent of survey respondents gave the standard health, dental, and vision insurance heavy consideration when evaluating a job offer. However, with five diverse generations currently in the workforce, employers are tasked with creating benefits that contain a mix of standard and unique benefits and perks that will appeal to a broad range of employees. This article lists 25 unique and low-cost employee Read the rest


  • The Art of Asking: Salary Negotiation for Library Workers  

    Join the ALA-APA in a discussion on salary and non-salary compensation negotiation issues in library hiring and promotion on Sunday, June 25, 2017, 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. during the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago.  We will review best sources for salary information, discuss common barriers to negotiation success and offer concrete advice to empower library workers of all levels of experience to negotiate with ease and confidence. There will be a brief presentation followed by open-floor discussion for participants Read the rest

  • Another State Bans Salary History Questions

    Asking job applicants about salary history will soon be a thing of the past in Oregon.  According to this article, last week, the Oregon Equal Pay Act of 2017 was signed into law by Governor Kate Brown after gaining unanimous support in both the state’s Senate and House. The law amends Oregon’s existing equal pay laws by eliminating an employer’s right to use or consider past wages in hiring and compensation decisions. The only instance where past wages Read the rest


  • Tips for Staying Healthy at the ALA Annual Conference (or Anytime You’re on the Road)

    When you are traveling, it can be easy to skip your good habits and just decide to do better when you return home. However, even when you are relaxing some of your regular healthy habits, there are some things you want to be sure to continue (or even increase) when you are traveling – especially if it’s hot out.  Here are just a few things to keep in mind.

    Drink Plenty of Water
    When you’re traveling and out of your Read the rest

  • Wellness Programs at ALA Annual Conference in Chicago

    The ALA-APA Wellness website states that “wellness is an active and life-long process, involving positive decision-making and finding balance between many priorities. It is tied to awareness and to making choices that lead to being happier, healthier, and more fulfilled. Individual and community well-being are inherently connected, so it is vitally important that workplaces be places of wellness for their employees.” During the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago (June 22-27, 2017), conference attendees will find several opportunities to learn about Read the rest

  • Why Every Workplace Needs a Mental Health First Aider  

    While compassion and empathy for physical illness are often plentiful, many times this is not the case when people are dealing with mental health concerns. Unfortunately, there is still so much stigma which accompanies mental illness. People don’t know what to say to those who may be struggling with mental illness. Some people often don’t know what to do for fear of making someone feel worse. The author of this article suggests that every workplace needs a Mental Health Read the rest

HR Law


  • University of Chicago Student Library Employees File Petition to Unionize

    A coalition of University of Chicago student library workers filed a petition earlier this week to become one of the nation’s first primarily undergraduate student unions at a private university. According to this article, the group of student employees who are calling themselves the Student Library Employees Union, worked with Teamsters Local 743, a local labor union, to file the petition with the National Labor Relations Board.Read the rest