Volume 14, No. 10 • October 2017


  • You Work Where? Combining a love of music with some great LIS skills at an awesome workplace

    By Caitlin Williams, Ph.D.

    If I were to ask you to name your five favorite rock performers of all time, I bet it wouldn’t take you long to come up with your list.  Even for those of us who are now classical music enthusiasts, it’s still pretty easy to remember back to the rock singers, the lyrics, or the special moments in our past that we still link to a particular song.  

    Music is that powerful.  It moves us and Read the rest


Career Advancement

  • Preparing for a Job Interview? You Should Know How to Answer Work-Life Balance Questions

    Whenever you have a job interview, it’s standard practice to prepare to answer questions such as ‘What are your strengths/weaknesses?’ or ‘How did you handle a recent problem?’  The hiring manager’s goal in asking many questions, is to gain insight into who you are and how you work so that she can find the person who’ll be the best fit for the position. According to this article, some employers are now asking questions to gauge your work/life balance. The Read the rest

HR Practice

  • 3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Employees’ Productivity (Clue: Help Them Be Happier at Work)

    Do you believe that it’s not your job to help your employees be happy? Do you think that happiness is something that employees should find on their own time? After-all, you hired them to do a job. Right? That may be true. However, according to this article, a lack of attention to employee happiness isn’t just a bad business practice because it makes your workplace miserable, it also has a negative impact on employee productivity. This article offers three Read the rest

  • Coaching Mistakes

    As a manager, you often must wear the hat of ‘coach.’ When it’s well done, coaching can boost individual and organizational effectiveness. When it’s poorly done, it can alienate employees and undermine performance. This article looks at the most frequent mistakes coaches make and provides suggestions for how to avoid them.Read the rest


  • Being in Work Mode All Day Could Be Hurting You – It’s Time to Detach

    With constant access to technology, detaching from work isn’t always easy.  It can sometimes be difficult to ignore that email from your boss that pops up late at night, or not respond to a quick question from a board member. Many of us are working longer hours, even when we’re officially ‘off the clock.’ This article suggests that this lifestyle continues to be trendy despite research linking longer working hours with depression, heart disease, and other health-related issues. That’s not Read the rest

HR Law

  • DOJ Reverses Stance on Transgender Workplace Protections

    Human Resource professionals, managers, anyone who has a job, or anyone looking for a job should take note. According to this article, it appears that the current administration has plans to reverse many of the employment policies passed under the previous administration. As an example, several days ago Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo stating that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (which bans workplace discrimination on the basis of sex) does not protect individuals against discrimination Read the rest