Volume 13, No. 2 • February 2016


  • Everything I Know About Library Management I Learned from Watching Restaurant: Impossible

    Well, maybe not everything.  Let’s back up.

    I have a special type of ADD that kicks in whenever I’m asked to read management literature.  I find most of it deadly dull, if not irrelevant.  (Next time someone recommends you read Good to Great, gently point out that it’s fifteen years old now and that one of the ten companies held up for our organizations to emulate eventually went from good to great to bankrupt.)   So I have to Read the rest


  • Time to Start Preparing for National Library Worker’s Day – April 12

    Mark your calendars for this year’s celebration of the American Library Association’s Allied Professional Association’s (ALA-APA) National Library Workers Day (NLWD) on Tuesday, April 12, 2016.

    Held each year on the Tuesday of National Library Week, this event was established for the purpose of recognizing all library workers, including librarians, support staff and others who make library service possible every day. As in the past, individuals are encouraged to “submit a star” in nomination of a stellar library Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • What Does It Mean For Librarians of Color to Be “Movin’ On Up?”

    By Raymond Pun

    What does it mean for Librarians of Color to be “Movin’ On Up?”  It means different things to different people. One person’s career goals or obstacles may not be the same as the other. This short essay will offer perspectives of librarians of colors who have had challenges when it comes to “movin’ on up” in the career ladder.

    Librarians can move up to managerial roles or become experts in a specialized field in the profession. They Read the rest

HR Practice

  • The Worst Leadership Styles and How to Remedy Them

    Most people have felt frustrated with their bosses. But what happens when they are completely dissatisfied? They might just quit. The author of this article explains how various leadership styles including passive-aggressive, dualistic-thinking – those who exhibit ‘either-or thinking’ with nothing in-between, and those who do not recognize their own unconscious biases can all have a negative impact on the work environment and their organization’s growth.… Read the rest



  • How to Avoid Being Your Own Worst Enemy

    We may be sabotaging ourselves every day without even realizing it. There are some simple mistakes and behaviors that many of us may be employing that could be working against us. Luckily they are easy to change. The author of this article explains the mistakes we might be making that could be keeping us from reaching our full potential.… Read the rest

HR Law

  • Are Your Workplace Posters Up-to-Date for 2016?

    The start of a new year usually means additions, changes and/or updates to many employment law regulations. This year, we are likely to see minimum wage increases in many states. We may also face more issues with health care. Some states (i.e. Oregon) will have new versions of its workers’ compensation notices. Employment law changes will likely be accompanied by new notice and poster requirements.

    Some of the statutes and regulations enforced by the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Read the rest