Volume 13, No. 12 • December 2016

Have a happy and healthy holiday season!


  • Youthful Ruminations: The Plight of a Young Librarian

    I’ve always been the youngest member of the library staff.  This station certainly comes with its advantages, but there are also some unavoidable downsides.  I’m grateful for having found my lifelong profession in my first job, but I’ve been the baby (and affectionately referred to as such) in all of my library positions since.  Discovering librarianship at an impressionable age allowed the fundamentals of the career to acquire the rose color that only the most striking moments of one’s young Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • Numerous Opportunities for Professional Development at ALA

    If you plan to attend the American Library Association’s (ALA) Midwinter Meeting in Atlanta next month (January 20-24, 2017) consider taking advantage of the numerous professional development opportunities and services provided through the ALA JobLIST Placement & Career Development Center.    The Center will be open Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 21 & 22, and located in the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC), Building A, Hall A-3, 285 Andrew Young International Blvd., Atlanta, GA.  Some of the Center’s activities are listed Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Actively Disengaged and Staying: Dealing with ‘prisoners’ in the workplace

    There appears to be a number of employees who are disengaged at work, are not looking for other jobs and have little motivation to either improve or move on. Often, they hurt company morale and can keep the library/organization from achieving its goals. This article refers to these types of employees as prisoners in the workplace. While disengaged employees tend to leave the organization, this isn’t always the case. If you find employees who fall into this category in your Read the rest


  • 3 Practical Steps to Plan for an Early Retirement

    Are you looking forward to the day when you no longer have to get up by a certain time in order to make it to work? Can’t wait for the time when you don’t have to attend those dreaded staff meetings? If you have been thinking about the possibility of retiring any time soon, you’ll want to be prepared. The author of this article offers three steps you can take to make early retirement a realistic possibility.Read the rest


  • Want to Be Happier? Ask Yourself One Question Every Morning

    Do you start each day thinking about all the work you have to do? Or do you start with prayer/meditation? Do you think about the things that make you happy? The author of this article suggests that we consider how we look at the world. Whether you view your world as good or bad impacts your attitude as you go about your day. The author says that by starting your day with a conscious decision to believe that the world Read the rest

  • Finding Healthy Balance in Your Life

    Many studies suggest that when workers live in a way that allows them to balance the many facets of life—work, home, church, family responsibilities, relationships, other activities—in a healthy manner, they are generally happy, more productive, they take fewer sick days, and are more likely to stay in their jobs. When it becomes too difficult to find a healthy balance, many people become overwhelmed with stress.  Stress can weaken our immune systems and make us susceptible to a variety of Read the rest

HR Law

  • Court Blocks Overtime Pay Rule from Taking Effect

    The Labor Department’s rule which increased the salary level that hourly workers would be paid extra for overtime pay was recently blocked by a judge in Texas. The overtime rule, finalized in May, represented the first such increase in more than a decade. The Obama administration had said more than 4 million salaried workers stood to benefit from the change when it was to take effect December 1st. It was thought to be the most consequential action the Obama administration Read the rest

  • Do You know How Long You Should Retain Former Employees’ E-mails?

    If you are thinking about deleting the e-mails and e-mail accounts of employees who no longer work for your library or organization, there are some bits of information that you should be aware of.  Although there are federal and state laws that require employers to retain certain personnel records, they don’t specifically address e-mail. This article provides several factors to keep in mind. The author recommends that libraries/companies develop an e-mail retention policy.Read the rest