Volume 13, No. 1 • January 2016

Happy New Year!

Career Advancement

  • Are You Ready to Be a Mentor?

    Mentoring is one of the most significant steps a manager or leader can take to build an employee or potential employee’s current and future organizational value. While most people are flattered to be asked to become a mentor, it’s not something for which everyone is suited. The author of this article offers a brief checklist to help assess one’s readiness to commit to the role.… Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Interviewers Need to be Strategic about Job Interview Questions

    The interview process is being transformed. Standard interview questions that fail to reveal information relating to an employee’s job performance, or potential “fit,” with an organization are being tossed. The author of this article says that hiring the right people for the right seats is critical for success. Just as each position has a different set of responsibilities and qualifications, each interview needs to be personalized. Today, more libraries and organizations are specific and targeted, in terms of interview questions, … Read the rest

  • Why Employers Focused on Health Need to Pay Attention to the Work Environment

    A new study conducted by researchers from Harvard and Stanford found that the amount of life lost to a stressful work situation varies significantly by race, ethnicity, education level and gender, according to an article by Gallup.  While workplace policies and benefits are important, they are not enough.  This brief report suggests that managers and leaders should not ignore the substantial effect the work environment can have on employees’ health and well-being.… Read the rest


  • Track Minimum-Wage Increases Across the Country

    The federal minimum wage has been stuck at $7.25 per hour since 2009. In the absence of action at the national level, many states and localities have raised their own minimum wages.  Stay up to date on rapidly changing state and local minimum wages with the Economic Policy Institute’s minimum-wage tracker. The interactive map, which is updated as laws change, displays the current minimum wage and tipped minimum wage in each state, and shows which cities and counties have … Read the rest


  • A Different Take on New Year’s Resolutions

    Maybe this is the year to stop making New Year’s weight loss resolutions. The author of this article says that we need to be able to manage our weight and enjoy being active year-round. That requires gradual lifestyle change and adjustments in the way we think about our relationship with food. This starts with a shift in attitude. You might begin by thinking about ways to implement some of the suggestions that the author gives into your daily routine.… Read the rest

  • An Employer Asks about Getting a Handle on Work-Life Balance

    Putting people in jobs that require them to be all things to all people is a roadmap for burnout. The author responds to this question by suggesting that employers first assess whether they have the right people in the right jobs. If you don’t, the situation can cause an unmanageable amount of stress—throwing work-life balance out of whack. The author suggests that in order to bring about balance, employers must start by relieving that pressure.… Read the rest


  • Supreme Court Reviewing Mandatory Union Fees

    The Supreme Court will soon hear arguments in a case where ten public school teachers are suing their union. They say that they are being forced to pay to support positions with which they disagree, in violation of the First Amendment. This article suggests that there is a possibility that the teachers could win their case.  The comment is based on the fact that the Supreme Court previously suggested that the First Amendment bars forcing government workers to make payments … Read the rest