Volume 12, No. 9 • September 2015


  • Gender Stereotypes Male Librarians Face Today

    By Heidi Blackburn, PhD


    According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS) (2012), the library profession has seen a 48% (19,458) increase in males working in libraries since 1980 and the male influx is expected to increase (Minnesota, 2011) despite lingering professional stereotypes. Movies, books, and other popular media focus on the overall image of the librarian, as if only one type exists for both sexes (Duke, 1999; Garcia, 2011). These stereotypes may be misinterpreted Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Human Resources Lessons from NFL Preseason Football: Employees Returning to Work After Cancer Treatment

    With the number of cancer cases rising in the United States, it is safe to assume that human resource professionals may have an employee or an employee’s family member fighting this dreaded disease.  Looking at the recent return to work of a professional football player, this article discusses several cases which highlight the difficult considerations employers must take into account when dealing with an employee who is actively fighting cancer or returning to work after treatment.  HR will have to Read the rest


  • Labor Day 2015: 18 Numbers That Show Why American Workers Really Need a Break

    Yesterday, September 7th, was Labor Day.  It is a day set aside in the United States to celebrate social and economic achievements of American workers.  The authors of this article decided to take this time to gather some research and sum up how American workers are faring.  They provide an interesting statistical portrait of the American workforce.Read the rest

  • What You Should Know About the August Unemployment Numbers

    The strong and steady recovery of the U.S. economy continued last month, with the addition of 173,000 new jobs.  The Department of Labor (DOL) reported that August was the 66th consecutive month of private sector job growth with private employers having now created 13.1 million jobs since the beginning of 2010.  The DOL’s blog explains other important aspects of the August unemployment numbers. Read the rest


HR Law

  • President Obama Signs Executive Order on Paid Sick Leave

    President Obama was scheduled to sign an executive order yesterday, September 7th giving hundreds of thousands of workers employed by federal contractors access to paid sick leave.  The Fact Sheet issued by the White House details how the order will require federal contractors to give employees the ability to earn at least seven days (56 hours) of paid sick leave annually.  It will give about 300,000 workers new access to paid sick leave and an additional number of Read the rest

  • Can We Fire Someone for What They Said in Personal Email?

    An employer discovered that one of its employees left her outside email account open on her desktop.  The employer read some of her mail and saw that the employee sent a message to a friend stating that she hates her supervisor.  The employer wants to know if they have a legal leg to stand on if they fire the employee.  This article discusses employers’ rights and factors to consider before taking any action in this type of situation.Read the rest


  • August 2015 Highlights

    According to the Union Library Workers Blog, unionization and new contracts were top news for libraries last month (August 2015).  Here are the highlights:

    • Workers at Mineola Memorial Library (NY) have a new six-year collective agreement, retroactive to June 2012. The agreement includes increases in wages, longevity bonuses, and employer contributions to dental and optical insurance. The library workers are represented by the Library Employees Unit of the United Public Service Employees Union.
    • Workers at Belleville Public Library (Ontario)
    Read the rest