Volume 12, No. 8 • August 2015


Career Advancement

  • Make a Plan for Professional Growth

    With the right strategies, even the busiest workers can find the time for activities that lead to professional growth.  To make the effort fruitful, you need to determine what types of development will increase both personal fulfillment and value to your library or organization. To come up with workable possibilities, try these techniques:

    • Look over your job description for activities that you would love to pursue, but haven’t gotten to yet.
    • Think about the dreams that you had for your
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HR Practice



  • Setting Boundaries on Your Workload

    At a time when employers are requiring more of each of us, it is imperative that we establish a semblance of balance. Each person must learn to manage an ever-increasing workload. The author of this article suggests that total devotion to your job may lead to mental fatigue, resulting in lower quality work as well as reduced creativity and inability to solve problems effectively.  The author says that it is critical for each individual to understand his own optimal parameters, … Read the rest

HR Law

  • ERISA Class Action Suit Threatens Employers Who Avoid ACA By Cutting Hours

    Employers used to be able to adjust worker hours to reduce benefit costs. According to an article on SHRM.org, a new class action lawsuit could end that practice.  One company’s alleged attempt to reduce the number of hours certain current and future employees work so that they will not be considered to be “full time” as defined by the ACA, which requires coverage to be offered to a smaller group or none at all, is the central claim in a … Read the rest