Volume 12, No. 2 • February 2015


  • Let’s Celebrate Library Workers

    By Megan Hodge, Jennifer Dorning, and Shannon Farrell

    Last month, we learned the history of National Library Workers Day, also known as NLWD.  Now it is time to find out how we can celebrate the library workers that make our libraries great.  Everyone from library managers to members of the public can find a way to celebrate.

    What can library managers do? If you are a library manager, consider organizing a celebration honoring your employees (e.g. an ice cream social), … Read the rest


Career Advancement

  • I’m An Internal Candidate.  So Why Wasn’t I Interviewed?

    In this Chronicle Vitae article, the author discusses possible reasons why an internal candidate might not be offered an interview in an academic environment.  She suggests that candidates keep personal relationships and feelings out of the process.  Relying on these may make it difficult for hiring departments to give objective feedback about the reasons for rejection.  The author suggests that the contents of an effective application packet should focus on the relatively impersonal facts of record: how the candidate’s … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Does Every Department Need A Boss?

    A key function of a boss is to police a workgroup and make sure everyone completes his assignments.  In this article, the author suggests that interesting experiment would be to do away with the designation of a senior person or boss, and, instead, provide incentives to employees based on group performance.  In an arrangement with a group incentive, the employees may police each other because everyone is motivated to make sure no one in the group ruins their chances … Read the rest

  • Be Careful About Disciplining Employees Soon After FMLA Requests

    When it comes to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), courts pay attention to dates to determine how closely the employee’s protected activity (requesting or taking FMLA leave) coincides with an adverse action (discipline or firing).  Business Management Daily explains how a court ruling demonstrates how the shorter the time frame between the two events, the bigger an employer’s risk of liability may be.… Read the rest


HR Law