Volume 12, No. 10 • October 2015


  • A Job Readiness Strategy for MLIS Students and Recent Graduates

    By Heylicken (Hayley) Moreno

    There is a saying by Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” This can ring true in many aspects of our lives but it is especially imperative when it comes to getting ready for the job market. As the economy continues to recover, library school graduates are facing better prospects in landing a job but still face challenges when it comes to competing with more experienced Read the rest


  • ALA-APA Seeking Committee Volunteers

    American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) President-elect Julie Todaro is seeking volunteers for appointments to 2016-2017 ALA Allied Professional Association committees.  The online committee volunteer form is open now and closes on Tuesday, December 1, 2015.  More details are available in a recent press release from ALA.Read the rest

  • October is National Work & Family Month

    National Work & Family Month is a nationwide initiative designed to help business leaders learn new ways to ensure their workplaces are meeting the needs and challenges facing employees today.  Sponsored by WorldAtWork.org, the observance highlights the seven categories of work-life effectiveness including caring for dependents, health and wellness, workplace flexibility, financial support, paid and unpaid time off, community involvement and organizational culture.  Read the rest

HR Practice



  • Rude Behavior in the Office Is Contagious

    According to health enews, researchers found that dealing with rude co-workers on a regular basis not only creates a toxic environment, but their uncivil behavior can be contagious and spread through the office like a virus.  As a result of their findings, researchers advise people to make a conscious effort regarding their attitudes.  One psychiatrist also suggests that “If you feel frustrated after an impolite interaction, take a few minutes to yourself to take deep breaths and regroup before Read the rest

HR Law

  • It’s Not a Good Idea to Have a Policy of Firing Employees When They Turn 62

    One company learned the hard way that it is not okay to have a policy of firing people simply because they turn 62.  Nor should you retaliate when employees contend (correctly) that this is illegal.  This article briefly explains that employers should know the basics of the many anti-discrimination laws, or at least have qualified people providing advice about compliance.Read the rest

  • Employer Facing Suit Over Firing for Medical Marijuana Use

    A complaint filed accusing an employer of discrimination and invasion of privacy is centered on an employee who was fired because she uses medical marijuana.  According to an article on Masslive.com the employee was let go for failing a company drug test.  While this is the first case of its kind in Massachusetts, it probably won’t be the last — either in that state or any state that allows medical marijuana use.Read the rest