Volume 11, No. 3 • March 2014


  • Being the Best Mentee You Can Be

    By Braegan C. Abernethy and Kari D. Weaver

    Mentoring relationships offer vital opportunities for new professionals to interface with experienced librarians and for both parties to learn from the association. In “Exploring Mentoring: Professional Development Through Relationship Building”, the authors discussed key points to successful mentoring. Here, the focus is on some crucial ideas mentees should consider to help ensure the best result from any mentoring relationship. 

    How to Set Goals

    According to Mavrinac and Stym (2013), setting goals should … Read the rest

  • Finding Conference Funding Sources

    By Tina Chan

    As the weather gets warmer, so do opportunities to attend library conferences. With library budgets getting tighter, it may be more of a challenge for libraries to fund conference attendance. However, with some patience and research, you can find conference funding opportunities through local, regional, national and international organizations to help with costs associated with conference travel.


    Before searching and applying for conference funding, it is important to decide which conferences to attend and your reasons … Read the rest


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