Volume 1, No. 3 • March 2004


  • Information Overload and Stress

    The Ailments of Modern Living

    This article has been adapted from The Enduring Library: Technology, Tradition, and the Quest for Balance;Chapter 10: Information Overload and Stress: the Ailments of Modern Living; by Michael Gorman; © 2003 by the American Library Association. Developing a Compensation Plan for Your Library is available from the ALA Store at www.alastore.ala.org.

    It is 10pm-do you know where your mind is tonight? Your day started when you rose early to check your … Read the rest


  • National Library Workers Day Is Coming Soon!

    The ALA-APA Web site is full of ideas to use for your library’s celebration of National Library Workers Day (NLWD) on April 20th, 2004. There are ideas for how you can show your appreciation for library staff. Get your local media involved by using the sample letters to the editor, radio announcements, and editorials and sending them out. Get your local government to recognize the day by using the sample proclamation. NLWD is being held on the Tuesday of National Read the rest

  • Library Worklife Frequently Asked Questions

    • The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-Allied Professional Association or ALA-APA) is a nonprofit professional organization established “to promote the mutual professional interests of librarians and other library workers.” The ALA-APA is a companion organization to the American Library Association (ALA). The ALA-APA is focused on two broad areas:

      • Certification of individuals in specializations beyond the initial professional degree

      • Direct support of comparable worth and pay equity initiatives, and other activities designed to improve the salaries and status of librarians

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Career Advancement

  • Demonstrating Your Value

    This article is an adapted excerpt from “Practical Tips to Help You Prove Your Value” by Amelia Kassel,Marketing Library Service 16, no. 4 (May/June 2002), www.infotoday.com/mls/May02/kassel.htm.

    During recent years, information professionals in many settings have had to learn new skills and competencies not taught in graduate school, yet nevertheless necessary for most productive relationships, and even for survival. Significantly, many librarians now ask and talk about strategic and proactive measures that both create and prove value … Read the rest


  • The Future of Certification through ALA-APA

    ALA members owe a debt of gratitude to PLA, ASCLA, and LAMA who saw a problem, developed a solution, and provoked a major change in ALA structure to implement their solution. These three divisions recognized that specialized knowledge and skills beyond the Master’s degree were required for senior level public library management positions. They proposed a certification program for public library administrators (CPLA) to create a pathway for early career librarians to prepare themselves for library management. … Read the rest


  • Alternative Compensation Plans

    This article has been adapted from Developing a Compensation Plan for Your Library, chapter 10: Trends, by Paula Singer, ©2002 by the American Library Association. Developing a Compensation Plan for Your Library is available from the ALA Store at www.alastore.ala.org. You may contact Paula Singer at pmsinger@singergrp.com.

    In light of increased financial pressures, organizational redesign, a competitive labor market, an increasingly diverse workforce, and a design to focus on the top performers in your workforce, … Read the rest


  • Survey Results from Vol. 1, No. 2

    Four hundred and twenty seven readers told Library Worklife whether their employer provide support for professional development, what continuing education activities engaged in, whether employer supported or not, and your primary motivation engaging in these activities.

    Survey Results (PDF)Read the rest

Support Staff

  • A Carousel of Progress

    Revisiting Disneyland

    San Diego welcomed sun-starved library workers for the American Library Association’s Midwinter meetings in January, 2004. Having planned in advance for a special day of fun, my Library Support Staff Interests Round Table (LSSIRT) colleague, Jim Hill, and I motored north to reclaim our lost youth in Disneyland. It was Jim’s first visit and twenty-five years since my last trip to the self-proclaimed “happiest place on earth.”

    Only Dick Clark hasn’t aged over the … Read the rest


  • Good Conversations Can Change Your Life

    Good conversations can improve worklife—as well as personal life. Do you dread those regular performance meetings and want to improve those conversations? Gale S. Wood, COMET Consulting & Coaching, in Havertown, PA (gswood@comcast.net), suggests these questions, based on the “powerful technique” ofAppreciative Inquiry:

    • What has given you the most energy this year? What would be most energizing in years to come?
    • What has worked really well this year? What was happening that made
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HR Law

  • Employee Rights

    Political Speech

    This article is an excerpt from The Library’s Legal Answer Book, chapter 8: Issues in Library Employment, by Mary Minow and Tomas Lipinski; © 2003 by the American Library Association. The Library’s Legal Answer Book is available from the ALA Store at www.alastore.ala.org.

    In light of this election year, this article may help answer some of your questions about participation in the electoral process as an employee. This article applies primarily … Read the rest