Volume 1, No. 11 • November 2004



  • Shirley Olofson Memorial Award Application

    The Shirley Olofson Memorial Award is presented annually in honor of Shirley Olofson, a well-respected former NMRT President, who died during her term in office. The award, which is intended to help defray costs to attend the ALA Annual Conference, will be presented in the form of a check for $1,000 during the 2005 Annual Conference in Chicago.

    Applicants must be members of ALA and NMRT; active within the library profession; show promise or activity in the area of professional … Read the rest

  • Medical Library Association Scholarship

    The Medical Library Association is offering a scholarship of up to $5000 to encourage library school students who show excellence in scholarship and potential for accomplishment in health science librarianship.


    1. Applicant must be a student entering an ALA-accredited library school OR a student who has at least one-half of the requirements of the program to finish when the scholarship is awarded in February.
    2. Applicant must be a citizen of or have permanent residence in either the United States or
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  • Call for Movers and Shakers

    The editors of Library Journal need your help in identifying the emerging leaders in the library world. Our fourth annual Movers & Shakers supplement will profile 50-plus up and coming people for across the United States and Canada who are innovative, creative, and making a difference. From librarians to vendors to others who work in the library field, Movers & Shakers 2005 will celebrate the new professionals who are moving our libraries ahead. Go to LibraryJournal.com and nominate someone today.… Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • Conference Funding for New Members

    The purpose of the 3M/NMRT Professional Development Grant is to encourage professional development and participation by new ALA members in national ALA and NMRT activities. Applicants must be personal ALA/NMRT members who are working within the territorial United States.

    3M’s Safety and Security Systems Division markets materials flow management products to libraries to prevent unauthorized borrowing and to streamline the flow of library materials. Since its inception in 1975, the grant has been awarded to more than 100 NMRT members.… Read the rest

  • Dynix Institute Web Seminar Archive

    The Dynix Corporation provides free Internet seminars, presented by library leaders on a wide variety of timely topics. Andrew Sanderbeck will tell you why reward and recognition programs should be used in libraries on November 5 th , and Ann Seidl, the Hollywood Librarian, will be featured on November 9 th . Both are from 8–9 a.m. PST. And if you miss it, not to worry! The archive lets you view the seminars at any time. Past topics … Read the rest

  • Who Me? Write an Article?

    Editor’s Note: At the Illinois Library Association Annual Conference on October 1, 2004, I attended a session called “Start Publishing Now!” It featured new and experienced writers describing their motivations, hesitations and process for writing. If you want more information on why and how to write, see also Lala Rogers article, “Write Now!” on page 12 of the October 2004 issue of the ILA Reporter.

    Originally published by the North Suburban Library … Read the rest


  • ALA Library Support Staff Interests Round Table Stand on Certification

    At the LSSIRT Business/Membership meeting held Friday, Jan. 24, 2003, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center a stand on certification was taken:

    LSSIRT voted to appoint a Task Force to study the issues and expectations of support staff concerning ALA accreditation/certification initiatives. The membership of the Task Force is composed of two LSSIRT Board members, two members from state support staff organizations, and one at-large LSSIRT member. The Task Force presented their final report at the LSSIRT Board/Membership meeting at the

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  • Thy Right Hand Knoweth Not.

    Originally published in Ex Libris: an E-Zine for Librarians and Other Information Junkies (http://marylaine.com/exlibris). Copyright, Marylaine Block, 1999–2004.

    Have you noticed an interesting dichotomy between our profession’s theory and practice regarding recruitment? While our professional organizations and journals are working hard to recruit the next generation of librarians before we all retire en masse in the next ten years, library administrators and coworkers are treating newly minted young librarians badly—as Rachel Singer Gordon says, “some … Read the rest


  • New Hay Group Study Finds that 2004 Salary Increases For Most Employees Remain Lower Than Historical Average of 4.0%

    The Hay Group provides summaries of pay increases and bonus payouts and outlines what employers can do to maximize their compensation investments and retain their top talent.

    PHILADELPHIA, September 27, 2004—Median annual merit increases for most employees remain below historical averages in 2004 according to new data released by Hay Group this week. Average 2004 pay raises for blue collar (3.0%), nonexempt (3.5%), and professional/managerial employees (3.5%) remain at 2003 levels, which were lower … Read the rest


  • Salary Survery Results

    Library Journal published its annual salary survey in the October 15 issue. The survey asks recent library school graduates about their current positions and salaries. Starting salaries in 2003 average $37,975, up 1.48% over 2002. Equity is still an issue, as are lower salaries earned by minority librarians. Full report Read the rest

  • Librarian Salaries Increase Less Than Other Civilian Workers

    Latest ALA survey shows a 2.3% gain


    Since 1982 (annually since 1988) ALA has collected and published data on salaries paid to librarians in academic and public libraries that have at least two professionals. This has been done because people often ask ALA to tell them what salary might be paid to a librarian in a particular type of position, working in a particular type of library, in a particular part of the U.S.

    There have … Read the rest

Support Staff

  • Good News!

    Successful Reclassification at the Huntington Beach Public Library

    Julie Bixby is an Accounting Technician II at Huntington Beach Public Library (HBPL). She shared the story of how she found herself with more responsibilities after a colleague retired. She worked with her library’s director and the Human Resources department to reclassify her position.

    LW: Please describe what you do.

    JB: I was just promoted/reclassed into Accounting Tech II from Library Processing Clerk. I’m in Acquisitions. I place the book orders that … Read the rest


  • Intergenerational Relations

    This topic is so important that it’s a Library of Congress subject heading. As is “Conflict of Generations.” A body of literature is growing that helps us understand how we can all get along better. The value of exploring this topic is that it can illuminate the cause of confusion and discord both at work and at home. Are you a Boomer who is caring for aging parents in your home and unsure of why your parents disagree with the … Read the rest

HR Law

  • Pay Equity

    Women Can’t Just Work Harder

    Do you get paid what you’re worth? If you are a woman living in the United States, you might not be. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, women earn substantially less than men.1 In fact, a 2003 study showed that female salaried workers earned 77.6 cents for every dollar that male salaried workers made. For every five days a male works, a female labors for 7 days to earn the same … Read the rest