Volume 1, No. 1 • January 2004


  • Now Is the Time

    Advocating for Better Salaries & Pay Equity for All Library Workers

    Adapted from the 2002 Nasser Sharify Lecture, presented by Maurice J. Freedman, October 19, 2002, School of Library & Information Science, Pratt Institute

    Last year, a columnist for USA Today applauded a New Hampshire librarian for loving her work so much that she retired, but then came in everyday to do her old job as a volunteer. Why? She did it to save … Read the rest


  • Providing a Financial Foundation for the APA

    Advocating for America’s library workers is taking on a new look with the establishment of ALA’s Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA). As a 501(c)(6) professional association, the ALA-APA actively supports and promotes many of the issues that have long been priorities for ALA members, but could not be assertively addressed by ALA due to its 501(c) (3) (non-profit educational association) status.

    However, as a 501 (c)(6) professional association, the ALA-APA can aggressively address issues such as pay equity … Read the rest

  • Director Named

    The American Library Association (ALA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jenifer Grady as Director, American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA), effective December 22, 2003. She will meet with the ALA-APA Salaries and Status Committee and other ALA members at the upcoming Midwinter Meeting in San Diego. Grady has an M.S.L.S. (1993) from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and an M.B.A. (2003) from Case Western Reserve University.

    “I expect Jenifer will be … Read the rest

Career Advancement

  • Networking for Career Success

    Whether you’re looking for a new job, or not, career experts recommend that you continually do some career networking. It is tempting to procrastinate when it comes to networking … it is one of those things that we often don’t do until we need it!

    What’s your attitude toward networking? Do you see it as just “schmoozing” or being insincere? Some job seekers even view networking as “begging strangers for a job!” None of these is further … Read the rest


  • The Certified Public Library Administrator

    The Certified Public Library Administrator—or CPLA—designation is planned as the first certification to be launched by the ALA-APA. It has been developed by a joint effort of the Public Library Association (PLA), the Library Administration and Management Association (LAMA), and the Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA), to encourage early career librarians to pursue senior level library management.

    Aspirants to this certification must demonstrate proficiency in seven management and administrative functions. Five of these are … Read the rest

HR Practice

  • Employee Benefits

    Since 1993, the annual questionnaire for the ALA Survey of Librarian Salaries has included a “Supplementary Questions” section to gather, for one time only, information needed to answer questions from the field about library human resources. In 2003, the questions asked about employee benefits. Twenty commonly known benefits (shown in Figure 1) were listed on the questionnaire. For each one, respondents were asked to circle one or more of … Read the rest


  • Pay Equity: The Means to Close the Wage Gap

    The gender-based wage gap is real. And it continues to hit library workers in the pocketbook.

    Women, Work, and Wages, a 1981 report from the National Research Council, noted: “Not only do women do different work than men, but… the more an occupation is dominated by women the less it pays.” Recent studies have shown that this is still true.

    In a profession that is approximately 80 per cent female, salaries are lower than they should be … Read the rest

Support Staff

  • 2003 Salary Survey

    Our last survey, conducted in 2000, reflected a continuing focus by library support staff on the issues of salaries, salary ceilings and pay equity. In the past three years, these topics have moved from general discussion and the work of a few determined people, into the spotlight of LSSIRT, the American Library Association and a growing body of individuals dedicated to the cause of fair compensation for the national community of library support staff. … Read the rest