Tell Your Story in Library Worklife

Why are autobiographies, biographies and case studies best sellers?  Because we learn from others who have had similar experiences and we gain inspiration from those who show us how to overcome minor and major challenges.

Some of our best articles in Library Worklife are personal stories, and we invite you to send us your stories about a worklife solution, a professional concern or an intriguing path.

  • Remember when you tried something new with your staff?
  • Remember when you were trying to move from public to academic libraries?
  • Remember when you felt mistreated by a supervisor?
  • Remember when you were overwhelmed by taking on a new task?
  • Remember when you found yourself saying, “Ok, I get this now?”
  • Remember when you thought something should have worked but it didn’t?

TELL US ABOUT IT! Articles are 1200 words or less, and we are always eager to receive them since we publish monthly.  Send submissions to libraryworklife@ala.orgInstructions and the style guide are on the LW site.


LW does not guarantee that articles submitted will be used in the publication.  Authors will be contacted whether the article will or will not be used.